Update On Matt Hardy Following AEW All Out Match

Following his match with Sammy Guevara...

Matt Hardy was injured in a scary moment during his "Broken Rules" match with Sammy Guevara, at AEW All Out on Saturday night in Jacksonville.

During a spot in which both Hardy and Guevara were perched atop a raised scissor lift, both men flew off of the machine, landing on a set of tables below. Hardy's head and shoulders over-shot the tables, however, and hit the concrete.

Hardy ultimately beat a ten count to continue the match, but after some awkward moments, referee Aubrey Edwards threw up the medical "X", and company doctor Michael Sampson arrived to check on Hardy.

The match briefly ended, but continued minutes later with a hasty jump to what was presumably the planned finish, with Guevara being knocked from a support pole through a staging area, where he was unable to answer the ten count. Hardy was noticeably wobbly during the restart period.

It was stated during the broadcast that Hardy was cleared by Sampson after being checked out in between the stoppage and restart.

Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly tweeted that Hardy was taken to the hospital in the aftermath. Mike Johnson of PWInsider added that Hardy's trip to the hospital was a "precautionary measure", and suggested that he would have an MRI. There is no official confirmation on the severity of Hardy's injuries.

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