Update On WWE PPVs Possibly Moving Back To Sunday Nights

Dana White's comments about PPVs moving back to a Sunday were not expected by WWE

Last week, Dana White made comments about plans for TKO’s big PPV weekends which would see Power Slap take place on a Friday, UFC on a Saturday, and WWE on a Sunday. Nothing has been heard officially from the WWE side on this prospective line-up as of yet, but it would be a big change to WWE’s scheduling if this were to take place as WWE’s premium live events have been on a Saturday for some time. 

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed comments he’d received from the WWE side. It was noted by those in WWE that “Dana threw us all for a loop on an already busy day with that one”.

This seems to imply that those on the WWE side are unaware of any plans for PLEs to move from Saturday back to a Sunday. WWE’s big events were typically on a Sunday in the past, though Nick Khan’s arrival in the company led to a change in tact due to the change in wrestling’s audiences and the lack of crossover between WWE and combat sports, as opposed to the past.

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Written by Andrew Kelly