Max Caster Says He's Never Regretted A Rap He's Performed In AEW

Max Caster has doubled down on the controversial nature of his AEW raps

Max Caster has been no stranger to criticism and controversy, with much of this stemming to sometimes questionable content which comes out of his raps on AEW programming. Over the last several years, Caster’s raps have touched upon many real life issues and ongoing news stories, controversies, political figures, and more, with the notion being that he sometimes goes too far. 

When speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Caster revealed that despite the controversy, he has not regretted a single thing he’s said. 

"There's raps that other people have thought I've gone too far on, for sure, but everything that I've ever said and done has led to my career being at this point right now and I can't regret it. I've never walked out there and been like, 'Yeah, this is too far but I'm gonna say it anyway.' I think it's funny, whatever I say, I think it's funny. If it's a bad joke, it's a bad joke, if it didn't land, oops.”

Caster was suspended for comments made about Olympian Simone Biles back in 2021, and did admit that he agreed with the decision to suspend him following the incident. 

"Things got really, really touchy when the network starts calling and that's what really did me in. Something had to be done and I agree with that, I'm cool with that, I only apologized to Tony [Khan] and Anthony Bowens and they both appreciated that and accepted that and we moved forward."

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