Update On WWE's Decision To Go Back To Taping Some Of Their TV

WWE's TV schedule was jostled once more this past week...

One week ago, WWE had every intention of taping five weeks worth of television at their Performance Center in Orlando, that would've carried them into Money in the Bank week. Last Friday, the decision was suddenly made to scrap the taping format, and revert to running live Raw, NXT, and SmackDown every week, which raised some eyebrows.

Days ago, the company's schedule was *again* amended, and will now feature a blend of live and taped programs.

The reasoning behind going from taping in blocks to being live every week was reportedly due to the language in WWE's TV contracts. Both NBC Universal (USA Network's parent company) and FOX only allow for a certain number of taped programs per year, and that the rest are intended to air live. 

It was believed that Vince McMahon made the call to resume live shows, to ensure that WWE didn't default on their deals, possibly resulting in diminished payouts from the networks.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that this will not be an issue, and that WWE doesn't have to go live under the circumstances, just to fulfill the contracts.

As Meltzer stated, "Vince thought that because it was in the contract that if I do any more taped shows, (NBC Universal and FOX) can screw the contract. 

"Both companies did tell Vince this week that we will not cut your money if you send us first-run programming that's not live. So Vince changed the schedule, he doesn't have to go live."

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