Update On WWE's Plans To Hold A Draft In 2020

Their last draft was in October 2019...

In a year where WWE has had to shuffle their roster due to pressing circumstances, will we see a proper, by-design superstar shake-up?

According to a report from Fightful, WWE has been meaning to implement a draft sometime later this year, but plans have been constantly changing in regards to when it would take place.

The report claims that a draft was originally scheduled for the end of August, before it was moved to September. Then it was moved to October, then back and forth again. At this time, there doesn't seem to be a concrete time frame in place for such an event.

According to Fightful's source, some of WWE's broadcast partners were told of both plans for a draft, as well as plans to resume taping shows in front of limited fans, though plans for the latter have since been scrapped.

The report also notes that in spite of all the present uncertainty, there are no plans to end the brand split.

WWE last held a draft on October 11 of last year, on the second episode of SmackDown on FOX.

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