Vanessa Borne Reveals Her Future Plans Following WWE Release

What will Borne do next?

Vanessa Borne was released by WWE last month along with the likes of Alexander Wolfe, Jessamyn Duke and Ezra Judge. 

Despite the setback, Borne plans to continue wrestling, she revealed to PWInsider

"After I got released, the first thing I thought was, 'You need to get in the ring as soon as possible.' I wanted to know how I would feel and how I would do. It was three days after I got released, I found a wrestling school in Texas and jumped into a class. It felt good and right. I got back in the ring and loved it. I can't just say goodbye to wrestling because I was released from WWE. I feel like a lot of people think WWE is the top and you can't do any better than that, but the way wrestling is today, there are so many other great organisations and so many talented people out there," Borne said. 

"Before getting into wrestling, I didn't know that because I didn't come from the Independents. I really want to give what I can to wrestling. I've only shown a small percentage of what I can do in the ring and I never got a chance to cut promos or do that kind of storytelling. That's what I excel in and I never got to show that.

"I want to see what else is out there," she continued. "My immediate thought isn't, 'I need to do whatever I can to get back [to WWE]. My thought is, 'I need to do what I can to use my talents and be fulfilled.' I don't think it would be healthy for me to have the mindset of 'I need to get back to WWE' at this time. I want to explore and take on other projects if I want to. I've watched a little bit of everything and there is a lot of talent that is phenomenal. 

"There is not one organisation where I'm like, 'this is the one I'd consider going to.' I would like to consider all my options to find the best fit for me or the organisation I like as a whole when it comes to the culture and how they treat talent. There are a lot of other organisations and I think that's why a lot of talent today doesn't see getting released from WWE as the end of the world."

Promoters have also already reached out to Borne, she noted.

"I've had a bunch of people reach out about bookings but I haven't taken any as of yet. As far as the name and my character, I have so many ideas. I want to go back to the original Vanessa Borne idea. With the name, I'm not going to go by Danielle. My character has to be separate from me. I have no idea what my name is going to be, that's the one thing I haven't thought too much about. As far as my character and what I want to put out there, I have a fairly good idea. It's just figuring out how I'm going to do that," she added.

Prior to her WWE career, Borne worked as a presenter for FOX Sports Arizona and she plans to pursue on-screen hosting and acting again. 

"Outside of wrestling, my passions are acting, my passions are on-air hosting television. That's what my background is. So now that I do not have any contractual obligations, well, pretty soon here. I'm going to start pursuing that again as well. Like that's so much fun for me. That's always been fun for me, anything with storytelling. So definitely get back into acting. I had an opportunity last year to do something that would have been really cool and it would have had a good amount of money, but I wasn't able to do it, you know, with my contract. So things like that come along and, you know, it kind of sucks. You kind of feel like, oh man, I wish I would be able to do that," Borne stated.

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