Tucker Open To Working Josh Barnett's Bloodsport, Wants To Remind The World What He Can Do In The Ring

He wants to remind the world who he is

Before signing with WWE, Levi Cooper (FKA Tucker) was a successful amateur wrestler in college and he earned All-America status. 

Tucker was released by WWE in April and Cooper revealed on Left My Wallet that he is open to working Josh Barnett's Bloodsport as part of his plan to remind the world what he can do in the ring. 

"Big-time, yes. Definitely interested in that [Bloodsport]. I've actually been doing jiu-jitsu myself, been getting into that. Actually, I'm planning on kind of stripping away some of the façade and reminding the world on a pro wrestling level where I come from. The reason why I got into pro wrestling in the first place and the things that I'm capable of doing," Tucker said. 

"I'm not just necessarily a butch singlet, jean-jacket wearing guy who turned on his partner and got f*cked up by Ricochet. I'm a legit guy and I'm ready to put that back out into the world a little bit and let everyone kind of remember what's up."

Beyond a possible Bloodsport appearance, Cooper isn't exactly sure what he's going to do next but he's excited either way. 

"I'm very excited, man. You hit the nail on the head there. I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do but I'm definitely gonna try a lot of different things out," he added.

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