Vince McMahon Likely To Attend WWE Crown Jewel

Vince McMahon looks set to be in attendance for WWE Crown Jewel

Vince McMahon will likely be heading back to "WWE's home" this week for the Crown Jewel pay-per-view on Saturday, November 4.

Crown Jewel will once again emanate from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that the majority of WWE's roster will travel to Saudi Arabia today with the exception of John Cena, who is already in the Middle East. The belief is Vince McMahon will also be at Crown Jewel and TKO Group and Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel may also be in attendance for the November 4 event. 

Vince McMahon was in Saudi Arabia very recently, having attended the boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou with The Undertaker. McMahon was interviewed by MMA Junkie ahead of the fight, during which he referred to Saudi Arabia as "WWE's home." 

"Well I think they're doing so much. I mean they're delving into the superior aspects of all of sports and entertainment. Everything that's the best in the world is going to be here," McMahon said about Saudi Arabia.

The former WWE majority shareholder then stated about the Boulevard Hall venue: "Well this is our home now. This is - it's been pronounced - this is our home, WWE's home."

This will be the first WWE show Vince McMahon has attended since he was ousted as the head of WWE creative. McMahon was removed from his role as the overseer of WWE creative by Ari Emanuel in September which has left WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H firmly in control of WWE storylines. 

McMahon is instead overseeing negotiations for the United States media rights for Raw and NXT. He also helped UFC secure a big money deal in Saudi Arabia. 

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