Wade Barrett Prefers Being A WWE Commentator Instead Of A Wrestler

Wade Barrett enjoys knowing exactly what his role on the show is.

The bad news for Wade Barrett fans is that the former Intercontinental Champion doesn't look like making a return to the ring anytime soon. 

The good news for Barrett himself is that he prefers being behind the announcer desk as opposed to between the ropes. 

Speaking about his transition from wrestler to commentator during a recent appearance on After the Bell, Barrett said: 

"I love it. I've said it time and time again. I'm enjoying my time as a commentator more than I ever enjoyed my time in the ring, You're really fortunate to get one career in this industry. I'm aware my in-ring run lasted a long time, had a lot of fun, scratched a lot of the itches I had, and achieved the majority of the things I wanted to achieve. But I would say this, you're super, super lucky if you get a second bite of the cherry and get a chance to have another run, another career in this industry and be around this crazy wild circus that we have, you're incredibly lucky". 

The 43-year-old went on stress how much he enjoys having a defined role and knowing exactly what he is doing during the show.

Earlier this year, the Englishman helped his announce partner Michael Cole become a Preston North End fan. 

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