Wardlow 'Doesn't Care' Where MJF Is

Wardlow and MJF acrimoniously parted ways in 2022

After defeating his former employer MJF at AEW Double or Nothing 2022, Wardlow has barely looked back, signing an official contract with AEW and stating his intention to beat Scorpio Sky for the TNT Championship.

Wardlow will always be linked to MJF though, whether he likes it or not, and seeing how MJF is currently out of AEW after ‘airing his grievances’ live on Dynamite everyone wants to know what’s next for ‘The Salt of the Earth… just don’t ask Wardlow.

“Next question,” stated Wardlow during a K&S WrestleFest signing when asked his thoughts on MJF’s ‘nuke’ promo.

Wardlow was also asked if he knew where MJF was, to which he replied; "I know nothing about nothing. Nobody knows. I don't care. I personally don't care. Nobody knows." 

‘Mr. Mayhem’ was a little more forthcoming when asked whether he knew what MJF was going to say in his promo: "For the most part, we write our own (material). They just hand us microphones and we go out there and say what we want. There's really no monitoring what we say when we go out there," said Wardlow.

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