Wardlow Happy WWE Passed On Him Following A Tryout

The AEW star is happy he signed with Tony Khan's promotion

Appearing on Insight with Chris Van Vilet, AEW star Wardlow discussed his experience of participating in a WWE tryout, being passed over by the company and why he is happy to have signed with Tony Khan's promotion. 

Wardlow had attended a WWE tryout and was convinced that he was going to be signed based on his performance during it, but was ultimately told he would not be offered a contract. 

The setback didn't derail him, however, and he ended up on AEW's radar. 

"I aced the try-out with flying colours and they didn't want me. For the first time in my life, I went, 'Oh well, maybe this isn't going to happen'. But, fortunately, I stuck with it, and I was determined to make it happen.

"I thank God every day that AEW came about. But yeah, being denied was a unique experience and a unique feeling, but it put me where I needed to be, so I'm happy for it"

Discussing how his AEW opportunity came about (including an unlikely assist from a former WCW star), Wardlow said: 

"It was one of those perfect storms. It was three people that mentioned my name to Cody Rhodes all within like three weeks.

"It started with Britt Baker because she and I came up together in IWC in Pittsburgh. She had mentioned my name to Cody and said, 'Hey, my friend Wardlow is pretty good. You should give him a look'. 

"Then they had a guy that QT (Marshall) partnered with and came into the seminar, Lloyd, who was Glacier in WCW. He did a seminar in IWC and ended up watching my match. He called Cody the next day and went, 'Hey, you might want to take a look at this guy'. 

"I think there was one more guy from Warrior Wrestling that had contacted Cody about me. So it was this perfect storm where so many people said my name.

"It was like, well, okay, let's give this guy a shot". 

Recent reports have indicated that WWE are now 'extremely interested' in signing Wardlow. The performer, however, has stated he intends to end his career in AEW. 


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