Wesley Blake Opens Up On WWE Release

“I tell Steve Maclin and I tell my wife and anyone around me that everything happens for a reason and I believe that.”

Former WWE and NXT star Wesley Blake has opened up on his release from WWE.

Blake was part of a spate of releases in April 2021, after being used sparingly by WWE for most of 2020 and 2021. Now, Blake has shared his thoughts on his release, telling the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast:

“I would say yes and no [the release was a shock], just for the simple fact so, we all know I was tagging with Steve Cutler, now known as Steve Maclin and we were doing the Knights of the Lone Wolf and we were working with [Baron] Corbin and stuff like that at the beginning of the year and towards the end of last year as well, and so we were very excited about it, we were happy to do it. We had known Corbin since NXT so were happy to be working with him and we had a lot of promising stories coming our way and stuff like that so we were very excited about the future of that. But then, as fate would have it, he [Cutler] caught COVID the beginning of this year and about two weeks later, he was released which was a huge shock, not only to him but myself as well and when he got released, they kind of told him that creative had nothing for him and so, with that being said, that’s when it kind of left me like, ‘Are we still just doing this Knights of the Lone Wolf with Baron Corbin?’ I know there was a halt on it but once he was told that, we — myself I should say, started thinking like, ‘Well, what’s the plan for me?’ And of course I reached out to the writers and stuff like that and of course they said, ‘Knights of the Lone Wolf will be no more.’

“So, I started pitching ideas and stuff like that and the one idea that we came up with, which would be the fastest way to get me on TV was tagging with Buddy Murphy and I know at the time, Buddy was doing stuff with the Mysterios but that got dropped for [an] unexpected reason. I don’t know really why so me and him were just kind of left there and we started reaching out to each other and starting formulating, maybe we’ll pitch some ideas to get us back together. I think that would be - I always enjoyed wrestling with Buddy and we learned a lot from each other. That was one of the fun times in my career was wrestling with Buddy so we started doing that and I believe after Mania, I actually talked to him the day before I got released and he was going in to talk to the creative and some of the writers to see if we could make that happen but, unfortunately…”

Despite being released during the pandemic, and in spite of his main roster run not going as smooth as he wanted, Blake insists he has no bitterness towards WWE: “No bitterness. I tell Steve [Maclin] and I tell my wife and anyone around me that everything happens for a reason and I believe that. I believe there’s no sense in being bitter when I can get up and try to make it better, you know? And so there is some good that came out of it. I mean obviously I was home for a while and luckily I was home because my wife is pregnant with our third so I was able to help the kids and stuff like that and just little things like that-that kind of, you know, little blessings that I see and that I like in my life that’s kind of helped me overall. My overall look and perception of things has left me better and left me not bitter. If anything, it’s probably made me better.”

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