Will Ospreay Comments On Potential Match With Kenny Omega

Could Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega actually have a singles match?

From legal challenges to snarky comments in interviews to social media snipes, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay have made it clear they do not like each other, but the two competitors have not faced off in a singles match since 2015. 

They did recently come face-to-face in All Elite Wrestling, though, as The Elite defeated Will Ospreay and Aussie Open in the semifinals of the AEW World Trios Title tournament on the August 31 episode of Dynamite. 

Amidst rumours that AEW will have a presence at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom, some have speculated their recent encounter could lead to Omega and Ospreay finally going one-on-one inside the Tokyo Dome. If the match will take place ultimately remains to be seen but The Commonwealth Kingpin told Monthly Puroresu that it would be almost stupid of him to not want a match with Omega. 

"He knows one-on-one it would be a fantastic bout and I can't tell you enough how much I'd enjoy battering him after everything. The two sides of me are saying: I got the last laugh leaving him and The Young Bucks laying in AEW, so I don't really care. But the other side says we are both still able to put on those amazing matches still. It'll almost be stupid of me not to want to face him. See which one of us has the drive to pick up the win," Ospreay said.

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