Will Ospreay To Have Final NJPW Match At New Beginning In Osaka

Will Ospreay to leave NJPW on February 11

Will Ospreay is set to finish up with New Japan Pro-Wrestling on February 11 at The New Beginning in Osaka. 

Ospreay was in action at New Year Dash on January 5 as he teamed with his United Empire stablemates Jeff Cobb, HENARE, TJP, and Francesco Akira to take on David Finlay, Gabe Kidd, Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, and Drilla Moloney of Bullet Club War Dogs. The match ended up being thrown out, though, as Bullet Club went ballistic after Francesco Akira busted open Gabe Kidd, with the War Dogs throwing fans' chairs into the ring and the match was waved off after Clark Connors tried to throw in one of the barricades.

The match was a brawl throughout and the brawl only continued after the bell, with the United Empire eventually standing tall after TJP sprayed mist in David Finlay's face and Will Ospreay put Gedo through a table. Ospreay then announced after the match that February 11 would be his final match in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He then challenged Bullet Club to repeat today's match at The New Beginning in Osaka but he will allow David Finlay to pick the stipulation. 

In somewhat of a rarity for NJPW, Finlay announced the two factions will face off in a Steel Cage Match. 

Will Ospreay has been a part of New Japan since 2016 but he will leave the promotion in early 2024 after signing a deal with All Elite Wrestling. Ospreay's signing was announced at Full Gear 2023 and he revealed he would be full-time with AEW on "the road to Revolution". That pay-per-view will take place on March 3. 

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