William Regal Apologises For Timing Issues On AEW Dynamite

Apology from William Regal

Making his first AEW Dynamite appearance on Wednesday, William Regal cut an emotional, widely-praised promo where he first thanked Tony Schiavone before he explained why he was working with Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, calling The American Dragon the wrestler he should have been. 

The promo ultimately went over its allotted time, though, and Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Regal went "way long" and the floor director kept telling The Man's Man to wrap it up. Regal just continued with the promo, though, and segments were cut or rushed on Dynamite as a result.

Taking to Twitter, Regal apologised for going over on his promo, writing: "This is a Professional note from me as I have no other form of SM and would rather my new colleagues see this as I don't like gossip. I'm am very sorry to everyone effected by my time issues last night. I apologized to everyone personally effected..I should be showing people by example and being a Pro and hitting my times."

So far, AEW talent Nyla Rose has acknowledged the tweet, replying: "It was an emotional moment and we all understand. Plus you're William FREAKING Regal! We all wanted to hear every word!"

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