William Regal Promises Major Announcement On WWE NXT

The promise came after Wednesday's WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match

NXT General Manager William Regal has promised an announcement that will 'change the landscape' of the black-and-gold brand on next week's show. 

Regal's announcement came following the controversy in the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match on Wednesday's NXT, in which Raw's Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax retained the titles against NXT stars Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez had finally tagged her way into the match but during her brawl with Jax, the NXT official got knocked to the ground, allowing the two superstars to continue their fight onto the outside floor. 

This left the legal combatant for the champions - Baszler - in the ring with the non-legal superstar for the challenges - Dakota Kai - with Baszler locking the Kirifuda Clutch on her opponent in the centre of the squared circle. 

With the NXT official still not able to manage the situation, WWE official for Raw and Smackdown Adam Pearce would surprisingly show up with a Raw official, who ran to the ring and called the match in favour of Baszler and Jax, despite Dakota Kai not being the legal participant for the challengers. 

Given the timing of Regal's statement, it is likely that his announcement will pertain to the situation surrounding the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, or perhaps even NXT's standing within WWE as a whole.

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