Report: IMPACT Wrestling Indefinitely Pause Xplosion Production

The programme first aired in November 2002

IMPACT Wrestling have reportedly indefinitely halted production of programme Xplosion, the company's secondary long-running series.

Xplosion first aired in November 2002 and was regularly taped at the same time as IMPACT shows, and has been found on the promotion's IMPACT+ streaming service and carried by a handful of international television broadcasters. 

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, IMPACT have not completely cancelled Xplosion but the decision has been made to put the show on 'extended hiatus' while focus shifted towards the development of new programme Before The Impact, which debuted three weeks ago and sits in the hour before IMPACT Wrestling airs each week. 

Xplosion was traditionally used to give wrestlers more screen-time and the chance to perform for a television audience, had they not been utilised on the corresponding episode of IMPACT, with the occasional championship match taking place on the show. 

BTI has taken over that role since its first show on Tuesday 16 February, with a three-person panel discussing the events and storylines heading into that week's IMPACT production and a match also taking place in the hour-long programme. This past week, James Storm faced Rohit Raju.

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