William Regal Reveals He Was Told He Only Had 24 Hours To Live In 2018

Regal was given 24 hours to live just a few years ago

Former WWE and current AEW star William Regal has revealed that he was given just 24 hours to live at one point in 2018. 

Discussing his health issues on the most recent episode of Talk is Jericho, Regal talked about how he went home for Christmas in 2021, which was the first time his family had been together for a few years. 

Regal stated that the last time they had been together was at the end of 2018, when the former NXT General Manager was in the hospital.

"No, once I was released, I went home two weeks before Christmas. The reason being, which we might get to, the last time that my family were all together was 2018 for Christmas, and I was in hospital for eight weeks. I insisted, I was given one point 24 hours to live. I had sepsis in my leg, they were going to cut my leg off. This was January 4th, 2019. So I insisted on going home for Christmas, you know I have been through a lot. I had a hell of a year in 2018, keep me on track here. 2018, I had a lot of heart trouble different times, they keep [returning]". 

Regal elaborated on his heart issues, which first began in 1998. They resurfaced years later, following a WWE tour of India, leading to him being out of action for over a year between 2003 and 2004.

"Since 1998 I got pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the sack around your heart. What it does is it scars that sack, your heart can beat but that sack can lock down. Although it didn't look like I trained as hard as I did, I always did all the squats, always breathing and always taking bumps in wrestling, it kept that from going solid. There’s a skin around the heart. Well I went to India and I got really sick and I was off for a year, it came back a few months later and I got really sick".

Regal stressed during the podcast that WWE offered significant help to him while he was going through his health issues. 

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