WWE Accused Of Dropping The Ball With Cameron Grimes By Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer thinks WWE have dropped the ball with Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes was one of the most popular stars in NXT as it made its transition from Black & Gold V.1 to NXT 2.0, with his pseudo feud with Ted DiBiase getting him over with the fans.

Grimes was called up to WWE SmackDown in Spring 2023, but recently returned to NXT to compete for the number one contendership to the North American Championship, with Tommy Dreamer commenting on Grimes’ post-NXT run on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio:

"[It] made me really say, 'God, did they drop the ball with Cameron Grimes [on the main roster].' Cameron Grimes is one hell of a performer, and [with] his 'NXT' stuff, I thought he was going to be a bona fide superstar in whatever brand he went to. It hasn't happened," Dreamer said. "Hopefully it could, because he had so much charisma with that entire [run in 'NXT']. He was a must-see when he was in 'NXT,' and now you don't see him anywhere. I enjoyed the match, but what stood out to me was Cameron Grimes. Sometimes you don't want to get called up because you know your talents are wasted."

In NXT, Grimes drew on his real-life success in the stock market to portray and arrogant clueless millionaire, rehashing the classic Million Dollar Man skits from the 80s but not getting the hang of them to comedic effect. Grimes would end up holding the North American Championship and the Million Dollar Championship during his time in NXT.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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