WWE Backstage Reaction To Leg Slapping Ban

The new mandate made the rounds last week

Every few weeks it seems that WWE comes out with a strange or arbitrary rule regarding its product, talent, and general staff. Last week it was revealed that there is no a ‘no leg slapping policy’ with regards to wrestlers performing kicks. 

Fans weren’t sure if this was a polite nudge or a set in stone rule, and now Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has shed a little more light on the situation. 

 Meltzer said:

“[…] there was a sign this past week backstage at the shows that read “Do not slap leg when kicking” so the ‘ban’, if that’s the word, of slapping thighs when kicking is a real thing.” 

 Meltzer continued:

“For so much of the talent, it’s just a natural body movement. The reaction I got from people internally was mostly along the lines of with all the different problems, why is this of all things an issue. The story going around is that a big wrestler did this sloppily on Smackdown and Vince reacted by wanting it banned.”

Chalk this up as the latest on the list of Vince McMahon’s whims, alongside such other weird reactionary moves like ‘no wrestling during commercial breaks’. Like the commercial breaks rule, it’s believed this ‘no slapping’ ban will be forgotten about sooner rather than later.

Meltzer finished with:

“The weirdness was some old-timers, where the sound effects for hitting your own chest throwing a punch was considered part of the art, or before that, stomping your foot when throwing a punch, were acting like this sort of thing was exposing the business. I mean, if it is, it dates back probably 70 years and for the superkick and thrust kick about 40 years.”

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