WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Results

Full WWE Crown Jewel 2023 results

The latest edition of Saudi Arabian sportswashing occurred on Saturday, November 4 as Crown Jewel 2023 emanated from the Mohamed Abdo Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

The show featured Roman Reigns' first Undisputed WWE Universal Title defence since SummerSlam as WWE's top star went one-on-one with LA Knight. Seth Rollins also put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Drew McIntyre in the opening contest of the main card, and John Cena continued his latest WWE run, taking on Solo Sikoa. 

Sami Zayn def. JD McDonagh - Kickoff Show 

Sami Zayn was over like Rover in Saudi Arabia but the crowd were soon quietened after JD McDonagh took control. A horrible landing occurred soon after, though, as JD McDonagh didn't rotate on a monkey flip and his head crashed straight into the bottom rope. McDonagh took control again only moments later, however, and worked over Zayn for the next several minutes. McDonagh scored a very close near fall following a Shotgun Dropkick to Zayn in mid-air. 

McDonagh somehow sustained a horrible astroturf-esque burn just in time for Zayn's comeback and Sami hit an Exploder Suplex in the corner and followed up with the Helluva Kick and Blue Thumber Bomb for the victory. 

Seth Rollins (c) def. Drew McIntyre - World Heavyweight Championship

Drew McIntyre looked to reach the top of the mountain once again at Crown Jewel as the two-time WWE Champion has developed more of a tweener attitude in recent weeks. Could McIntyre overcome Seth Rollins, though? 

In the first big move of the match, Seth Rollins went for a Suicide Dive but Drew McIntyre caught him and decked the World Heavyweight Champion with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on the floor. This provided the impetus for McIntyre to dominate the action until he missed on a Spear and went crashing into the corner. Rollins fired back with a Springboard Splash and Springboard Moonsault for a near fall. A Falcon Arrow followed for another close two-count. Rollins then went for his Superplex-Falcon Arrow combination but McIntyre blocked the Falcon Arrow and reversed into a Suplex for his own near fall. 

Rollins went for a Buckle Bomb but his back gave out which allowed McIntyre to hit a Futureshock DDT. McIntyre thought that was all she wrote but the World Heavyweight Champion managed to get his shoulder up. McIntyre looked to put Rollins away with a Claymore Kick but Rollins simply took too long to get to his feet which allowed Rollins to lock in a small package for close two count. 

A Suicide Dive from Seth Rollins was next until McIntyre fired back with a Spinebuster on the steel steps before a Sidewalk Slam on the apron as the challenger looked to punish Rollins' back. Glasgow Kiss from McIntyre back in the ring but Irn Dru failed to capitalise as Rollins connected with a Pedigree, only for McIntyre to get his shoulder up. 

Belly to Belly Suplexes from Drew followed before he set up for the Claymore Kick. Rollins blocked it with a Superkick and connected with a Stomp. That looked to be it but McIntyre kicked out. Rollins then went for the Phoenix Splash but missed it and Drew connected with the Claymore, but Rollins managed to kick out!

McIntyre went for his finisher again but missed it and Rollins countered with a second Pedigree and second Stomp. Rollins initially sold his back which gave the impression that McIntyre was going to kick out but he didn't and Seth scored the 1-2-3 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

A devastated McIntyre headed backstage and Damian Priest charged to the ring and looked set to cash in, only to be attacked from behind by a hooded figure. The figure then revealed themselves to be Sami Zayn, who stole the briefcase! 

Drew McIntyre was then showing looking sad backstage as Rhea Ripley shrugged her shoulders at him. 

Rhea Ripley def. Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez, Zoey Stark, & Shayna Baszler - Women's World Championship

After 14 Saudi men were part of Rhea Ripley's entrance for some reason that made the whole thing last about five minutes, the Women's World Championship was on the line as the Judgment Day leader faced Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez, Zoey Stark, and Shayna Baszler in a Fatal 5-Way. 

Plenty of multi-woman spots in the opening minutes, including a quadruple submission from Shayna Baszler and a Tower of Doom. Zoey Stark then knocked over a cameraman during a Springboard Crossbody to the floor before she hit Rhea Ripley with the Z360, only for Nia Jax to break up the pin with the worst kick you have ever seen. Chingona Bomb from Raquel Rodriguez followed but Ripley broke up that pin. Then Shayna Bsaszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on the Women's World Champion that was broken up by Rodriguez. 

Next was a Riptide from Ripley to Baszler but the pin was broken by Zoey Stark. Rodriguez then looked to steal the win with a pin on Baszler but Ripley with an Avalanche Riptide on Stark to break up the pin before Rhea pinned Baszler to record the successful title defence. 

Solo Sikoa def. John Cena

John Cena's issues with The Bloodline continued in Saudi Arabia as he went one-on-one with Solo Sikoa. Cena dominated the early going, targeting the Samoan Spike thumb. Sikoa fought back, though, and dominated the next several minutes. Sikoa tried to put Cena away with a Samoan Spike but Cena countered into the STF. This was only a brief comeback for Cena, though, as Sikoa regained control. 

Cena avoided another Spike attempt and followed up with the Five Moves of Doom, only for Solo to escape the Attitude Adjustment and fire back with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Cena took a third Hip Attack in the corner but Cena fired back with a Crossbody for another near fall. Cena failed to hit the AA again and blocked a Samoan Spike, connecting with a Uranage. Sikoa hit a Spinning Solo after reversing another failed AA attempt. 

After even more counters, Sikoa actually connected with a Samoan Spike and he hit a second one, only to refuse to make the cover. A third Samoan Spike and a fourth Samoan Spike followed but that wasn't enough for Solo and he hit nine more while Cena was on the ground before he finally pinned the 16-time world champion for the win. 

Miz TV with Ibrahim Al Hajjaj

There was a break in the action next for Miz TV with a Saudi Arabian comedian, Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, only for them to be interrupted by Grayson Waller and the Grayson Waller Effect. Waller told them to get out of the ring but The Miz and the comedian teamed to hit a kick and a Skull-Crushing Finale. Out of nowhere, the comedian hit a People’s Elbow to end the segment standing tall. 

Logan Paul def. Rey Mysterio (c) - United States Championship 

The United States Title match was up next and Logan Paul dominated the early going, working over the United States Champion. Rey Mysterio eventually fired back, only for Paul to fire back with a Buckshot Lariat for a near fall. Next Paul went for the Haymaker but missed and Rey applied the Crossface. Paul managed to make it to the bottom rope after some punishment. 

Paul then caught Rey Mysterio out of mid-air following a Springboard Splash as Rey’s head almost went crashing into the mat, with Paul following up with a Powerslam. Paul then hit a Fallaway Slam from the top rope in another tribute to Hangman Page. 

With an Eddie Guerrero tribute, Paul went for a Frog Splash but missed and Rey went for the 619, only for Logan Paul to block it. After several counters, Mysterio hit a Code Red for a near fall before the brass knuckles were slipped onto Logan Paul’s fingers while the official wasn’t looking.

Rey sent Paul into the ring post and the brass knuckles went flying. Paul’s crony tried to retrieve them but Santos Escobar blocked it and chased away the crony. All of the distractions allowed Rey to hit a 619 but Paul somehow retrieved the brass knuckles and decked Mysterio with a right hand to capture the United States Championship. 

Post-match, Logan Paul said he won fair and square and that he loved Rey while Mysterio protested. 

IYO SKY (c) def. Bianca Belair - WWE Women's Championship 

The WWE Women’s Championship was on the line next at Crown Jewel as Bianca Belair challenged IYO SKY for the belt that she won from Belair at SummerSlam through her Money in the Bank cash-in.

Belair dominated the early action with an onslaught until the bout became more even. IYO SKY then took control as she worked over Bianca Belair’s storyline injured knee. SKY remained in control for several minutes. Belair eventually fired back with three Powerslams and a Fallaway Slam but SKY fired back with a Tree of Woe and a Shotgun Dropkick before a submission. 

Belair fought back again with a throw and a Tug of War ensued over the hair which Belair, of course, won. Just as Belair was about to hit a Senton, Bailey distracted the challenger and allowed SKY to score a near fall. 

After more back-and-forth action, Belair looked to score the win but Bayley distracted the official. Belair took out Bailey with a Crossbody to the floor and SKY went to hit Belair but the challenger ducked and SKY took out her Damage CTRL faction mate by mistake. 

Instead of capitalising, though, Belair looked to put Bayley through the announce table. She was stopped by the returning KAIRI Sane, who saved Bayley and sent Belair crashing into the ring post. 

The challenger then headed back into the ring, only to eat a Moonsault from SKY to record the win. 

Cody Rhodes def. Damian Priest 

In the next contest, Cody Rhodes was firmly on top in the early going as he worked over Damian Priest, despite his injured ankle. Priest soon fired back, though, with a Reckoning on the announce table. Interference from Finn Balor and JD McDonagh then allowed Priest to connect with the South of Heaven but Cody managed to kick out. 

Dominik Mysterio was then invited to use a steel chair but Jey Uso took out Dom Dom with a Superkick on the outside. Balor and McDonagh were taken out next before Rhodes levelled Priest with a Cody Cutter and some Dusty Rhodes punches and a Bionic Elbow. 

A second Cody Cutter followed but Priest kicked out again. After more counters, Cody hit three Cross Rhodes for the decisive victory. 

Roman Reigns (c) def. LA Knight - Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

In the main event of Crown Jewel, LA Knight looked to become the man to end Roman Reigns’ three-year title run as Universal and then Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. 

The match started out differently to Reigns’ other title matches over the past three years as Knight was on top for much of the early going until the match became more even, which included a period of Reigns’ dominance. 

Later, LA Knight leapt to the top rope and decked Reigns with a Superplex before he followed up with his Jumping Elbow. With Reigns in trouble, Solo Sikoa looked to make his way to the ring but was blocked by WWE officials. This was just a ruse, though, as Jimmy Uso pulled Reigns to safety at ringside while the referee wasn’t looking. 

Knight grabbed Jimmy Uso and ate a Superman Punch from the Undisputed Champion for his trouble. Reigns then followed up with a Spear and couldn’t believe it when LA Knight kicked out. Reigns looked to put his opponent away with a Guillotine but Knight fought free. Reigns locked it in again but Knight escaped again. 

Knight then hit a BFT and he had the match won, only for Jimmy Uso to place his cousin’s foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin at two. Jimmy’s head was bounced off the announce table repeatedly for good measure before Reigns was sent into the ring post. 

LA Knight then put Jimmy through the announce table but stumbled to the barricade which left him wide open for a Spear through the barricade from Roman Reigns. One more Spear and it was another successful title defence from Roman Reigns. 

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