WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Results

Everything that happened at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

WWE went extreme on October 8 with their Extreme Rules pay-per-view from Philadelphia.

The show featured several very good matches, one title change and one major return.

Check out everything that happened below:

The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Butch, & Ridge Holland def. Imperium (Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, & Giovanni Vinci) - Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match

Extreme Rules opened with a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match between The Brawling Brutes and Imperium. The factions initially began feuding over the Intercontinental Championship as Sheamus tried to capture the gold from Gunther, but the rivalry quickly became personal following Clash at the Castle. 

Before the match got underway, though, a White Rabbit clip took over the broadcast, showing a hole opening up in the earth and lava shooting out. 

Once the broadcast returned, the Donnybrook got underway and they brawled at ringside at a makeshift bar, surrounded by barrels and bar tables. The match quickly became a three-on-two beatdown for Imperium, though, after Gunther decimated Sheamus with several chops, adding welts on top of his welts from last night's IC Title match on SmackDown. 

An Imperial Bomb on the outside from Kaiser and Vinci then took out Holland, leaving Butch alone. Imperium meticulously worked over Butch and the crowd chanted "USA!" for some reason. Their cheers then only grew after Sheamus rose and took out Kaiser and Vinci before he turned his attention to Gunther. Sheamus quickly gained the upper hand in their brawl and he was soon joined by Butch and Ridge Holland as the Brawling Brutes enjoyed a three-on-one beatdown of the Intercontinental Champion. 

A White Noise from Sheamus followed before he decimated Gunther with a Brogue Kick. The match looked to be over but Giovanni Vinci hit a Frog Splash to break up the pin from out of nowhere! The action then broke down before Sheamus locked in the Texas Cloverleaf on Gunther. Kaiser broke up the submission with a shillelagh shot and Imperium scored a near fall, with Butch and Holland breaking up the pin. 

Both teams enjoyed time on top over the next few minutes, with Butch hitting a Moonsault from a barrel to take out Kaiser, Vinci, and Holland. Sheamus infuriated Gunther back in the ring, kicking out of a shillelagh clothesline. Gunther then went for a Powerbomb but Butch made the save by snapping Der Ring General's fingers before Sheamus decked the IC Champion with a shillelagh shot of his own. 

More shillelagh shots to Kaiser and Vinci followed from Butch and Holland while Sheamus put Gunther through the announce table with a Celtic Cross! This left Vinci all alone and he was flattened by a Brogue Kick as The Brawling Brutes emerged victorious from the Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match. 

Following the opening contest, The Miz was interviewed backstage and he was questioned about his appearance at the pay-per-view, talking about his birthday celebration before he spotted Gritty, the mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers. Gritty gave him a special WWE t-shirt with the mascot on but The Miz trod on it, much to the mascot's disgust. 

Ronda Rousey def. Liv Morgan (c) - Extreme Rules Match for the SmackDown Women's Championship

The final match of a long-running feud took place in the second contest of Extreme Rules as Liv Morgan looked to earn Ronda Rousey's respect and defeat The Baddest Woman on the Planet in an Extreme Rules Match. Morgan initially caused issues with Rousey at Money In The Bank when she cashed in to win the SmackDown Women's Championship. Shenanigans then meant Morgan retained her title at SummerSlam as the referee failed to spot Liv tapping out while Rousey had the Armbar locked in, instead counting the pinfall on the UFC Hall of Famer. 

Liv Morgan tried to use a baseball bat in the opening moments but Ronda Rousey quickly dispossessed her. The challenger then blocked a baseball slide and hit Liv with repeated shots, trapping her using the ring apron. Rousey went to retrieve the bat but was sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. This didn't matter for Rousey as she fired back with Piper's Pit before she decked Morgan with multiple baseball bat shots. Rousey's black belt was used as a weapon next and she tied the SmackDown Women's Champion to the ring post before she unloaded more baseball bat shots. 

Morgan managed to fight back and sent Rousey crashing into the apron before the champion retrieved a table from under the ring. Liv Morgan next decked Rousey with a steel chair after escaping an Armbar. More steel chair shots followed from Morgan before she put the challenger through the table with a Senton. That looked to be it but Rousey managed to kick out at two! The UFC Hall of Famer then looked to apply the Armbar. Both competitors grappled before Rousey locked in the Bicep Crusher. After several moments, Morgan faded and the referee called for the bell. 

With that, Ronda Rousey became a three-time women's champion in WWE. 

Karrion Kross def. Drew McIntyre - Strap Match

Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre went one-on-one in the third contest but the two-time NXT Champion did not want the match to get underway as he twice threw away the strap. On the second occasion, it was grabbed by Scarlett and the distraction allowed Kross to go on the offensive. The bell had not even rang and both men ended up brawling through the crowd before Drew eventually beat down Kross and placed the strap around his wrist, beginning the match.

McIntyre repeatedly whipped his rival but he was soon distracted by Scarlett which allowed Kross to gain the upper hand, driving McIntyre's injured shoulder into the ring post. The Harbinger of Doom then wore down the two-time WWE Champion over several minutes, quietening the crowd in Philadelphia. Kross connected with his Saito Suplex finisher but Irn Dru kicked out and he hulked up soon after, fighting back with a Belly to Belly Suplex and Neckbreaker. 

This made the match an even contest and the competitors repeatedly whipped each other in the face with the strap before McIntyre got the better of the exchange and connected with a Futureshock DDT. Next, Drew set up for the Claymore but Scarlett got into the ring, stopping The Scottish Warrior in his tracks. McIntyre looked to walk past her but Scarlett pepper sprayed him in the eyes and Kross followed up with the Kross Hammer to score the win. 

Bianca Belair (c) def. Bayley - Ladder Match for the Raw Women's Championship

Damage CTRL have dominated the Raw women's division since Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai returned at SummerSlam. Kai and SKY had already secured the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships and Bayley looked to add more gold to the stable in the first-ever Ladder Match for the Raw Women's Title against Bianca Belair. 

Bayley was on defence in the opening minutes as Belair repeatedly escaped her offence and tried to climb the ladder positioned in the centre of the ring. The Raw Women's Champion then smashed Bayley's face off the ladder before she followed up with a Moonsault to Bayley while The Role Model was lying on the ladder. Bayley fired back moments later with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb into a ladder. Next, Bayley hit a Flying Elbow to Belair on a ladder draped between the barricade and the steel steps, with the challenger suffering a rough landing. 

Belair fired back with some offence of her own, hitting Bayley with a broken ladder. Both talents then tried to scale the ladder, only to pull each other down. Bayley retrieved a part of her knee brace and tried to use it as a weapon but Belair avoided it and connected with a KOD. The Raw Women's Champion had the match won but Dakota Kai and IYO SKY charged to the ring, knocking Belair from the top of the ladder. The EST quickly fought back, hitting Kai and SKY with a Double KOD! 

The distraction did allow Bayley to recover and she proceeded to batter Belair into a ladder before she followed up with the Rose Plant. Bayley then trapped Belair underneath the ladder and the match looked to be over but Blair awoke and sent Bayley crashing into the ropes. 

Both women fought on top of the ladder next and Bayley used Belair's braid to create distance but Bianca fired back, using the braid as a weapon! Belair then connected with a second KOD while Bayley held part of a ladder, forcing The Role Model to fall out of the ring following the finisher. 

Moments later, Belair climbed the ladder and retrieved the title to remain Raw Women's Champion. 

Finn Balor def. Edge - 'I Quit' Match

A feud months in the making wrote its next chapter at Extreme Rules as Edge went one-on-one with Finn Balor in an 'I Quit' Match. 

Finn Balor dominated the early going, applying a Figure Four Leglock but Edge ordered the referee to get the microphone out of his face. Next, Balor smashed Edge's face off the announce table over and over again but The Rated-R Superstar was nowhere close to quitting. Edge then fired back, driving Balor through the barricade and the rivals brawled through the crowd in Philadelphia. Edge hit Balor with a Suplex on the floor, as Finn defiantly said he would never quit. Edge would look to make Balor eat his words, following up with hockey stick shots and a Crossface on the Kickoff Show table. Balor briefly fought back before Edge drilled him against a gate sign hanging in the arena. 

Balor fired back by tossing Edge into a metal railing and he proceeded to choke Edge while he was trapped through one of the railings. Both competitors made it back to the ring and Balor battered Edge with chair shot after chair shot as Edge refused to quit. Submissions were used by Balor next as he looked to wear his opponent down but The Prince was rocked after he was driven into a chair face-first. Edge then connected with several chair shots to Balor's leg before Edge locked in the Edgecator. Balor teased quitting but Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio made the save. Edge fired back and speared Balor through the middle rope, causing him to land on Priest and Mysterio. Edge then set up for the Spear but Rhea Ripley appeared from out of nowhere and handcuffed Edge to the top rope. 

This left Edge vulnerable to a three-on-one beatdown from Judgment Day and the faction battered the 11-time world champion with kendo stick shots before Rey Mysterio charged to the ring with a chair, making the save! The former World Heavyweight Champion levelled Priest but Dominik decked his own father, laying out Rey with a punch before he threw him into the ring post. 

Back in the ring, Balor continued the offence with more kendo stick shots before Beth Phoenix appeared from out of nowhere and took out Balor and Priest with kendo stick shots. Rhea Ripley and the WWE Hall of Famer then came to blows with The Glamazon winning the exchange following a Spear. 

Phoenix retrieved the handcuff key, freeing her husband and Edge fired back with a Spear to Priest before he Low Blowed Dominik. Balor took advantage, though, connecting with a Slingblade and he set up for the Shotgun Dropkick but Edge connected with a Spear! Two more Spears followed and Edge ordered his wife to get a steel chair. Edge took the bottom bar off the chair and began to use the weapon until Rhea Ripley knocked Beth Phoenix out with a brass knuckles shot. Priest followed up with South of Heaven before Balor capitalised with three Coup de Graces. Balor warned Edge this was his last chance to quit as he looked at his unconscious wife. Edge told Judgment Day to go to hell as the crowd cheered but the three male members of Judgment Day held Edge back as Rhea Ripley set up for the Con-Chair-To on Phoenix. With his wife helpless, Edge uttered the words "I quit!" 

Despite the loss, it wasn't enough to save Edge's wife and Rhea Ripley decimated Phoenix with the Con-Chair-To anyway. 

Following the match, The Miz was shown backstage and he beat up Gritty after the mascot offered him the commemorative shirt again. Dexter Lumis then appeared behind Miz, laying him out before Gritty got a kick in to ruin The Miz's birthday weekend. 

Matt Riddle def. Seth Rollins - Fight Pit Match

A deeply personal feud main evented Extreme Rules with the first-ever Fight Pit Match on the main roster between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle. Daniel Cormier was the special guest referee. 

Seth Rollins used Riddle's anger against him at Clash At The Castle and he looked to do so again at Extreme Rules, winding Riddle up before the match got underway by wearing Rob Van Dam-inspired ring gear. Rollins then dominated the early going and he quickly annoyed Daniel Cormier, pushing him out of the way to continue the offence on Riddle. Cormier pinned Rollins up against the cage and warned him not to touch him again or face the consequences. 

Rollins continued to dominate the action and he soon scaled the cage to hit a Five-Star Frog Splash. Riddle finally fired back, decking Rollins with an RKO but Riddle went for another one, only for Seth to block and follow up with a Stomp. Daniel Cormier checked on Riddle instead of counting immediately which ultimately allowed Riddle to get back to his feet at nine. Seth went for a Stomp from the cage but Riddle avoided it. 

Both men then scaled the cage, reaching the platform above. The Original Bro locked in a Rear-Naked Choke on the platform before Rollins fired back by smashing Riddle's head into the cage above before he connected with a Buckle Bomb. A Pedigree onto the platform was Rollins' next move. The Visionary demanded Cormier count but that was ultimately against the match's only rule in that the 10 count or submission had to take place in the ring. All of this arguing allowed Riddle to recover and he hit an RKO on the platform, causing Rollins to tumble down to the ring. 

With Rollins prone, Riddle hit a Broton from the top of the pit! All Riddle could do afterwards was scream in pain before he eventually recovered and locked in a Triangle Choke. Seth tried to escape but he couldn't break free of the submission and he tapped out. The finish appeared to come a little bit out of nowhere but Riddle looked to have at least bruised his back following the Broton. 

Bray Wyatt returns!

Just as Extreme Rules looked set to end, the lights in the arena went out and the fans in Philadelphia tuned their torches on. He's got the whole world in his hands played in the arena as a giant Huskus the pig boy was shown before other cast members of the Firefly Fun House were shown. Afterwards, The Fiend's burnt mask appeared on the announce table before The Fiend appeared in the front row! A door was then shown on the stage and we were transported to the fun house, which had been left in a state of decay. The TV turned on, showing a white masked figure who asked "Who killed the world?" The answer, as it has been for several weeks, was "You did." 

After all of that, the door flew open and a white lantern was first shown before Bray Wyatt stepped through, making his return to WWE. He then blew out the light, and Extreme Rules ended with an upside-down fly flashing on-screen. 

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