WWE Files Countersuit In Patent Lawsuit Over WWE Network Technology

The lawsuit was filed in May

WWE have filed a response and countersuit against a patent lawsuit which alleges the company have wrongly used technology for the WWE Network.

The initial lawsuit was filed in May by SITO Mobile for patent infringement, and outlined 12 patents owned by SITO Mobile. The company believes WWE are infringing on those patents by using the technology for the WWE Network. 

SITO Mobile, who have also previously filed patent lawsuits against Hulu and Flo Sports, requested the court award damages determined by a jury trial. They allege they have "been damaged by the direct infringement of WWE, and is suffering and will continue to suffer irreparable harm and damages as a result of this infringement."

The lawsuit can be viewed here.

In an update, PWInsider is reporting that WWE filed their response to SITO Mobile's claims on October 5, denying all the allegations put against them by SITO Mobile.

WWE's countersuit claims that the promotion have been damaged by SITO Mobile's lawsuit against them while requesting that the court rules that SITO should be responsible for WWE's costs and 'reasonable' attorney fees.

The response reads: "To the extent a response is required, WWE denies that SITO is entitled to any of the requested relief. WWE expressly denies that it directly, literally or under the doctrine of equivalents, has infringed or is infringing any of the patents-in-suit; expressly denies that SITO is entitled to any award of damages, including supplemental damages for any alleged post-verdict infringement; expressly denies that SITO is entitled to pre-judgment and post-judgement interests; and expressly denies that SITO is entitled to costs of this action, including all disbursements, and attorneys’ fees.

"WWE specifically denies that SITO is entitled to any award of “supplemental damages for any continued post-verdict infringement” or post-judgment interest for the patents-in-suit that expired prior to the filing of the SAC."

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