WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather Agrees With Criticism Of The Undertaker's Final Farewell

"Could've been written better"...

To close out Survivor Series, The Undertaker made his way to the ring for his final farewell and admitted it was time for him to rest in peace. The Phenom had his grandiose entrance and saluted a hologram of his manager Paul Bearer before heading to the back and bringing his 30-year career to an end. 

The segment did receive some criticism, though. Many thought appearances from the likes of The Bone Street Krew, Kane and Ric Flair were pointless because they headed backstage before The Deadman even made his entrance. They all simply walked to the ring, had a brief conversation and then walked back up the ramp. 

WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather (Charles Wright) agreed with the criticism on Instagram

A fan commented on a photo of The Godfather and 'Taker, writing: "The whole "Farewell" was pretty boring. You guys all came to the ring...for what?" 

Wright wrote back: "right."

Another fan wrote: "What was the point of having you all there and say nothing. It was awesome to see you back on TV but I wanted more." 

The WWE Hall Of Famer responded: "could've been written better."

Another fan wrote a 140-word tirade and The Godfather ultimately agreed with them.

They penned: "Soooo they bring you and all Taker's old friends, just for you all to leave the ring directly after being introduced? I don't watch wrestling much anymore but tuned in to see this and I cannot believe how far the WWE has fallen off. This "send off" was embarrassing for someone the caliber of Taker. With the cinematic success of his Mania match they couldn't produce something where he's digging his own grave and all of his old friends are there to watch him "ascend to the heavens" or something more mysterious? Something filmed OUTSIDE of this lame "Thunderdome"? An empty arena with piped in crowd noise was the best he deserves? There is zero creativity anymore. Flat out lazy and boring. This was LAZY and uninspired. Seeing you all hang out at the hotel would have been more entertaining."

The former Papa Shango replied: "Well said. And your right the night before was epic."

Mike Johnson of PWInsider later reported the final farewell was put together by Vince McMahon, who was hands-on with the segment all of Sunday. Triple H also likely had some input in the segment.


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