WWE Morale 'Decimated' Following Office Layoffs

WWE morale has been 'decimated' after over 100 employees were let go

Following the completion of the merger between WWE and UFC to create TKO Group Holdings, WWE instituted cuts on Friday, September 15 that saw the likes of Dana Warrior, Jamie Horowitz, Amanda Bloom, and Catherine Newman exit the company. In total, over 100 people were laid off with the WWE Network, Podcasting, and Marketing departments being hit the hardest. 

Staff were told to work from home on Friday while the company carried out the cuts. Employees who didn't lose their jobs returned to the office on Monday morning and PWInsider reported "to say that morale among WWE employees has been decimated would be an understatement." Monday was said to be a very sad morning, especially when employees walked past empty desks and cubicles and realised co-workers they were friendly with had been let go. 

Current and former WWE employees have claimed layoffs wouldn't have happened if Stephanie McMahon was still with the company. Many employees reflected on how hard McMahon worked to build morale and instil pride in those who worked for WWE during the months she was Chairwoman and Co-CEO following Vince McMahon's "retirement." Stephanie resigned from WWE in January 2023 in the aftermath of Vince McMahon forcing his way back into the company. 

Not every division was hit by layoffs and WWE President Nick Khan stated on Friday that the firings were finished. There will be heavy lifting in the days ahead to keep WWE functioning, especially since some departments are much smaller than they were one week ago. 

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