WWE NXT Official's Directive For Las Vegas Tryouts Reportedly Revealed

WWE held a two-day trial in Las Vegas this week

WWE held a two-day try-out in Las Vegas this week ahead of SummerSlam 2021 as the company continues their search for the next top performer. 

Around 40 talent were in attendance for the sessions, with WWE NXT boss Triple H, Samoa Joe, William Regal and Matt Bloom were in attendance for, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has offered more details about what WWE were specifically looking for. 

Triple H spoke to the media following the try-out and said, while he wasn't necessarily looking for a particular look, he was looking for someone who kept drawing his eye to them. Despite this, Meltzer says that the WWE official in attendance were given a directive, at least for what a male WWE developmental superstar should have. 

Per the report, WWE officials were told to keep an eye out for a male under the age of 26, who was at least six feet, two inches tall and weighed at least 220 pounds. 

Meltzer notes that another change for this try-out was that individuals in attendance that WWE liked the look of were offered developmental deals on the spot, rather than being contacted a few weeks later. It is believed around 14 talent in attendance were offered such deals.

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