WWE NXT Results - May 4, 2021: NXT Women's Tag Team Title Street Fight, GYV Vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

The Way Strikes Back

Carnage was the name of the game on this week's edition of NXT and the show featured a Falls Count Anywhere match between Leon Ruff and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and a Street Fight over the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship.

The show opened up with the aforementioned Falls Count Anywhere match and the rivalry between Ruff and Scott finally came to a head. 

Swerve dominated large portions of the match, including during the commercial break, but Ruff eventually fought back and connected with big moves like a Poisonrana to the floor, a Crucifix Bomb and a Frog Splash after repeated toolbox shots to his opponent. 

Ruff then looked to have the match won after he hit Scott with two cutters and climbed to the top of a platform in the Capitol Wrestling Center. The debuting AJ Francis suddenly appeared and stood alongside Scott, though, and Ruff for some reason decided to leap at the WWE's Most Wanted Treasures host instead of his opponent. 

This proved to be a disastrous decision for the former North American Champion as Francis caught him and delivered an Attitude Adjustment over the barricade. Scott then followed up with the JML for the win. 

Following the opening match, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory barged into William Regal's office while he was in a meeting with Scarlett. Theory and Scarlett had a comedic moment while talking about her nails and Gargano said he would return later after a brief back and forth with Regal.

In the next match on the show, Cameron Grimes went one on one with the debuting Asher Hale (former EVOLVE star Anthony Henry). Hale got in most of the offence during the contest but Grimes eventually fought back and connected with Cave In for the 1-2-3. 

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter were then interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell after the match and they said they were pursuing the tag team title. Franky Monet interrupted the interview and called them adorable. 

After another break, Grizzled Young Veterans were in the ring for their match against Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. GYV told the crowd to leave their shoes on during the upcoming match and declared they were a gift to the NXT universe before their opponents' entrance caused the interruption.

Both teams then had a very good 14-minute match during which they battled back and forth. GYV looked to have control, though, after James Drake knocked Ciampa over the announce table with a Suicide Dive. 

Wade Barrett noted he had somehow lost his shoe after Ciampa went over the announce table and The Blackheart used the shoe to his advantage as he tossed it into the ring for Toothless Tim and distracted the official. This allowed Thatcher to deck Gibson while the referee wasn't looking and lock in the Fujiwara Armbar for the submission win. Vic Joseph joked that Wade Barrett must hate Zack Gibson since he had his shoes off after the match. 

The broadcast then headed backstage to Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory's search for William Regal. The NXT general manager caught up with them outside his office and he brushed off Gargano's complaints about his future North American Title defence against Bronson Reed. Regal then told Theory that he and Scarlett had agreed Austin would face Karrion Kross next week. Never talk about a woman's nails is the lesson to be learned here. 

Speaking of Kross, he headed to the ring for the next segment and asked any challengers to step up. This ultimately brought out Kyle O'Reilly, Pete Dunne and the returning Finn Balor and the words quickly turned to fists. Neither O'Reilly, Dunne nor Balor could put Kross down, though, and he looked set to stand tall to end the segment but Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano suddenly attacked The Herald Of Doomsday from behind and left him lying after Double Superkicks and a North American Title shot to the head. 

After Kross had stumbled to the back, it was time for Sarray vs. Zayda Ramier. The former AQA managed to defeat Toni Storm on last week's show, but she didn't have the same luck against Sarray and The Warrior Of The Sun picked up the win after three minutes with a Saito Suplex. 

After another break, Sarray thanked Ramier for the match backstage. Toni Storm then tried to get at the two women but Zoey Stark blocked her path and they had a staredown. WALTER also held a meeting with Imperium in German and Alexander Wolfe walked away before The Ring General had finished. This was followed up by another vignette on Diamond Mine. 

Next up was the third squash match of the night and LA Knight put Jake Atlas away after three minutes with a Headlock DDT, which Wade Barrett dubbed the BFT. 

This was followed by a short clip of Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell preparing for the main event. Dexter Lumis was shown outside the door with a bouquet of flowers but LeRae shut the blinds before Hartwell could notice. 

After another break, Toni Storm cut a promo on Zoey Stark and the broadcast then moved to Legado del Fantasma in the ring. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza declared they wanted an NXT Tag Team Title match while Santos Escobar staked his claim to a rematch for the NXT Cruiserweight Title. This caused Kushida to pop up on the big screen and he challenged Escobar to a two out of three falls match for the gold, which the luchador accepted. 

We then had a split-screen interview with Mercedes Martinez and Raquel Gonzalez, which was followed by Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon realising Franky Monet's dog had defecated in their tank.

Before the main event, though, we had a clip of Cameron Grimes trying to get into a club, only to be told the whole venue had been hired out for the night. Ted DiBiase then arrived in a limousine and gave his trademark catchphrase and cackle as he entered the club while Grimes raged about The Million Dollar Man. 

It was then time for the main event and Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart defended the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship against Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell in a car crash of a Street Fight. 

Weapons were immediately introduced to the match and both teams used steel chairs and trash cans before the commercial break. 

Once the broadcast returned, a table and a ladder bridge had been set up and the champions were in full control beating down The Way. The ladder then quickly came into the equation and Blackheart decked LeRae with a Senton while she was draped on the bridge. The move failed to put them through the ladder, though, and they tumbled off it instead in an 'I Am The Ladder' moment. 

The challengers managed to fight back soon after and Candice LeRae caught Shotzi with a Springboard Moonsault while she was on a ladder and Hartwell hammered Ember Moon with a Spinebuster on the same item. Blackheart and Indi Wrestling then brawled on the announce table and Shotzi put Indi through it with a Splash.

While this was going on, LeRae got the better of Ember and draped her across the aforementioned table. Indi Hartwell and Shotzi then suddenly got back to their feet and Indi charged across the ring and put Moon through the table with a Springboard Elbow Drop. LeRae then put Blackheart away with the Wicked Stepsister on a steel chair to win the match and the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. 

Check out the full results from NXT below:
• Isaiah "Swerve" Scott def. Leon Ruff - Falls Count Anywhere Match
• Cameron Grimes def. Asher Hale
• Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher def. Grizzled Young Veterans 
• Sarray def. Zayda Ramier
• LA Knight def. Jake Atlas
• Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell def. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon - Street Fight for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship

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