WWE NXT Stand & Deliver Results

All the results from NXT Stand & Deliver!

Ahead of WrestleMania 38, WWE held a matinee event as NXT Stand & Deliver aired from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

The show featured plenty of entertaining in-ring action, several title changes, and a surprise appearance from Triple H. Check out everything that happened below: 

Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai def. Toxic Attraction (c) – NXT Women's Tag Team Championship – Kickoff Show 

Only days after they reunited, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez challenged Toxic Attraction for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship inside the American Airlines Center.

Both teams fought back and forth and the champions thought they had the match won following a Toxic Shock but Dakota Kai managed to kick out. 

Kai's former tag team partner Wendy Choo then made her way to the ring and she hit Gigi Dolin with a pillow before she doused her in orange soda while the official was distracted.

This left Jacy Jayne to fight on alone and Raquel Gonzalez decked her with a Chingona Bomb for the win. 

Cameron Grimes def. Santos Escobar, Carmelo Hayes (c), Grayson Waller & Solo Sikoa - Ladder Match for the NXT North American Championship

Carmelo Hayes had been NXT North American Champion since October of 2021 and he defended the gold in a Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver against Grayson Waller, Santos Escobar, Solo Sikoa and Cameron Grimes.

The bout was a very entertaining Ladder Match and featured several major spots, including a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from one ladder to one below from Santos Escobar to Solo Sikoa, and Trick Williams being pushed off a ladder by Cameron Grimes which sent him crashing into the three other members of Legado Del Fantasma and Sanga on the outside. 

In the closing stages, Grayson Waller looked to put Carmelo Hayes through a ladder with an Elbow Drop from another ladder on the outside. Waller crashed and burned, though, as Hayes rolled out of the way and The Arrogant Aussie may have suffered a broken arm upon landing. 

Back in the ring, Escobar decked Hayes with a Phantom Driver but before he could climb the ladder, Grimes appeared from out of nowhere and took out the former Cruiserweight Champion with a Cave-In.

Grimes then scaled the ladder and grabbed the title to win the NXT North American Title. 

Tony D'Angelo def. Tommaso Ciampa

In the second match of the main card, Tony D'Angelo, accompanied by AJ Galante (the son of James Galante, the man Tony Soprano was based on), went one-on-one with Tommaso Ciampa. 

After both men fought back and forth, D'Angelo tried to gain the upper hand as he grabbed his trusty crowbar, but Ciampa ducked. Tony D still gained an advantage, though, as when the referee put the weapon on the outside, D'Angelo decked Ciampa with a Low Blow and followed up with his Twisting Fisherman Suplex finisher. 

Ciampa managed to kick out, however, and D'Angelo grabbed the crowbar again, only to eat a Willow's Bell from Ciampa before The Blackheart connected with a Fairytale Ending.

The former NXT Champion looked to have the match won but D'Angelo managed to kick out at 2.9.

The NXT 2.0 upstart then decked Ciampa with a DDT on the exposed concrete floor and he followed up with a kick back in the ring for the 1-2-3. 

After the match, Ciampa was serenaded with chants of 'Thank You Ciampa' as his time in NXT looked finally to be at an end. 

Then, as Ciampa walked up the ramp, Triple H returned to NXT and he and The Blackheart had a moment as The Game lifted up the NXT standard bearer's arm as the applause from the crowd erupted once again. 

MSK def. Imperium (c) & The Creed Brothers - NXT Tag Team Championship 

Imperium defended the NXT Tag Team Championship in the next match on the card against Men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners The Creed Brothers and former champions MSK. 

All three teams fought back and forth in a very good match and it was MSK who picked up the win to regain the gold. 

The Creed Brothers were taken out of the match by Imperium down the stretch as Marcel Barthel caught Julius with a European Uppercut, sending his head crashing into the steel steps, before Brutus was taken out by a European Bomb.

Imperium looked to hit Nash Carter with a European Bomb but he escaped and Wes Lee came from out of nowhere to hit a Frankensteiner into a Sit-Out Powerbomb from Carter for the win. 

Mandy Rose (c) def. Io Shirai, Cora Jade & Kay Lee Ray - NXT Women's Championship 

Mandy Rose defended the NXT Women's Title next on the show in a Fatal 4-Way against Kay Lee Ray, Cora Jade, and Io Shirai.

It was another entertaining match filled with big spots, including a Canadian Destroyer on the apron from Cora Jade to Kay Lee Ray, and a Spanish Fly from the top turnbuckle from Io Shirai to Mandy Rose. 

Late in the match, Kay Lee Ray hit a KLR Bomb on Cora Jade and she climbed to the top turnbuckle, only to be pushed to the floor below by Io Shirai.

The Genius Of The Sky then hit a Moonsault to Jade but she couldn't make the cover due to bruised ribs and Mandy Roose took advantage, hitting Shirai with a Jumping Knee to the face.

Rose then covered Shirai to retain her championship. 

Gunther def. LA Knight 

Gunther and LA Knight looked to settle their animosity next, as the former WALTER had taken issue with the flashy Knight in recent weeks. 

The fans inside American Airlines Center chanted 'WALTER' throughout the match but the contest was very un-WALTER like, lacking in chops and other hard-hitting offence.

Der Ring General only managed to get the chops rolling in the final moments and he followed up with a Splash and Powerbomb to Knight for the win. 

Dolph Ziggler (c) def. Bron Breakker - NXT Championship

In the main event of Stand & Deliver, Dolph Ziggler defended the NXT Championship against Bron Breakker. 

Many expected a Breakker win to kick off WrestleMania Saturday but it wasn't to be for The Big Bad Booty Nephew as Ziggler retained the NXT Championship following an entertaining main event. 

Breakker looked to score the win early, setting up for a Spear, but Robert Roode grabbed the challenger's leg which resulted in The Glorious One being ejected from ringside by the referee. 

Ziggler took control soon after until Breakker fired back with a Frankensteiner, channelling his inner-Scott Steiner following The Steiner Brothers' induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame on Friday. 

The challenger hit a Spear moments later but Ziggler managed to kick out and the NXT Champion briefly fired back until Breakker connected with a second Spear and his Military Press Powerslam.

Bron had the match won but Roode ran to the ring and pulled Ziggler to safety despite already being banned from ringside. 

The referee decided not to disqualify Ziggler, allowing the match to continue, and Breakker followed up with a Rolling Senton over the top rope to take out both men, but Ziggler fired back with a Fameasser and a Zigzag, only for Breakker to somehow kick out at the last possible moment.

The Show Off then followed up with an Elbow Drop before he tuned up the band. Breakker channelled something deep inside to power back to his feet, though, and he hit a third Spear and went for another Powerslam. Ziggler caught the challenger with a thumb to the eye, however, and he followed up with a Superkick and a second Zigzag for the shock 1-2-3! 

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