WWE NXT UK's Meiko Satomura Confirms She's Moving To The United Kingdom

She had been splitting her time between NXT: UK and her Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling promotion

Meiko Satomura has revealed she is planning to move permanently to the United Kingdom next month to fully focus on the WWE NXT: UK brand. 

Satomura, who signed with WWE back in October 2020, has split her time between NXT: UK and her Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling promotion this year. 

The Joshi legend has now revealed, however, that she is making the move so she can concentrate on her role with NXT UK, while also admitting how impressed she was with the level of wrestling on the  brand.

Satomura told Tokyo Sports: "I will be based in the UK after the big match in Niigata on June 27th. If I don’t move, I won’t be recognized by UK fans. I’m not going to come back to Japan for a half year at the earliest, over a year if the longest. I think it’s a belt that can’t get without that kind of preparedness.

"I’m surprised at the high level of catch wrestling in the UK. I have felt strongly accomplished in Japan, so I want to become the successor to UK’s wrestling and tell the world of that. Now, the level of girls in WWE is rising for all brands. I want to be the champion in the UK and fight the female champions of each country."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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