WWE Passed On The Briscoes Because They Weren't 'Cosmetically Pleasing Enough’

WWE apparently didn’t sign The Briscoes due to their image

One of the most important acts in Ring of Honor history, and one of the best tag teams of a generation, The Briscoes’ legacy is set in stone.

Having held championships in ROH, GCW, CZW, IMPACT, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and NJPW, The Briscoes left their mark wherever they wrestled, but they never wrestled for WWE.

WWE were reportedly interested in ‘Dem Boys’, even bringing the brothers in for a tryout, but as Mark Briscoe revealed to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, WWE passed on the team due to their appearance:

"Everybody was saying everybody really liked you. I really think they're gonna bring you guys on. I guess it was a week or two after we had got home, we were just waiting to hear back because they said we will let you know. John Laurinaitis told me, 'Yeah, we really liked your stuff but I think we're going to pass for right now. Let us know if you guys want another try.' That kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But then I guess when he talked to Jay, as he called Jay either right before he called me or called Jay right after he called me, he said, 'Man, you know what he told me? He said that we not cosmetically pleasing enough,’” recalled Mark Briscoe.

Long-time ROH viewers will recognise the phrase ‘cosmetically pleasing’, as Jay Briscoe used it in one of The Briscoes’ famous promos in 2011 when recalling their tryout with WWE.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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