WWE Planned To Reform SAnitY Prior To COVID-19 Pandemic

The group quietly disbanded in 2019

Axel Tischer, formerly known as 'Alexander Wolfe', has revealed that WWE had initial plans to reform SAnitY before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

The group - comprised of Wolfe, Eric Young, Killian Dain and Nikki Cross - had impressed in WWE NXT, before the trio of male superstars were moved up to SmackDown, leaving Cross on the black-and-gold brand as a singles competitor. 

However, SAnitY was barely utilised on the main roster and quietly split up when Young was drafted to Raw in 2019. 

Tischer has now revealed however that there were tentative plans to reform the group and have them feud with Imperium. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic then began and meant the storyline couldn't happen, with Young then being released by WWE shortly after.

Speaking to Ringsiders Wrestling, he said: "Actually the plan before the pandemic hit was to bring SAnitY back together. But then the pandemic hit and then E.Y. [Eric Young] got released, and what I know is that not even Triple H knew about EY.

"E.Y., he said it in an interview, he [Triple H] was one of the first guys to give him the call and, ‘Sorry man, I didn’t know about that,’ and I don’t know this, just [guessing], they probably tried to rehire him but, as I can relate right now, there’s no animosity, there’s no hatred but it’s a sour pill to swallow that they kind of like deny you and you kind of think, ‘Okay guys, you don’t want to have me? F you.’ 

"We’re all humans, we all feel. That was the plan to bring SAnitY back just to have all three of us together and then we would feud with the three guys of Imperium but then they have to figure out what can we do, blah, blah, blah. 

"I thought, because of this and even with E.Y. being gone from the company, that they wanna do something with Killian [Dain] and me and maybe with Drake [Maverick] together then or maybe with somebody else. We form kind of like a SAnitY 2.0 where a lot of people would say, ‘Where’s E.Y.? Where’s E.Y.?’ Because you know, they have to complain.

"But in the end, it [didn’t] happen that way. In the end, they did budget cuts and then as I got told, I was on the list for that so they will not fire me but because my contract is up on June 15th, they will not renew me."

H/T POST Wrestling

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