WWE Raw Results - July 19, 2021: Multiple Returns, Raw Women's Title Match

Raw goes back on the road

For the first time since March 2020, Monday Night Raw took place in front of an actual crowd at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. Hopes were high heading into the show and WWE didn't quite live up to expectations as the company presented an uneven edition of Raw. The episode featured the underwhelming returns of Keith Lee and Goldberg and the previously undefeated Karrion Kross was defeated by Jeff Hardy in under two minutes in his Raw debut. Check out the full results below:

John Cena returns to Monday Night Raw

Following his return to close Money In The Bank, John Cena opened the July 19 edition of Monday Night Raw and warmed up the crowd before he turned his attention to Roman Reigns. 

The 16-time world champion said he came back for the Universal Championship and he plans to win the title at SummerSlam. Cena then said Reigns was "an asshole" as the crowd went wild and The Doctor Of Thuganomics followed up by calling the Universal Champion an arrogant, self-absorbed, overhyped, overprotected, overexposed gimmick who is not as over as he says he is. Cena then signed off by saying he will be at SmackDown on Friday and he can't wait to see The Big Dog there. 

The new Peacemaker's night wasn't quite over, though, as Riddle made his way to the ring and both men said 'Bro' a lot as the crowd chanted along. 

Riddle & The Viking Raiders def. John Morrison, AJ Styles & Omos

Riddle didn't leave the ring as he teamed with The Viking Raiders against John Morrison, AJ Styles and Omos in the first match on the show. 

Both teams enjoyed time on top during the 12-minute match, but it would be the team of Riddle, Ivar and Erik who picked up the win.

John Morrison thought he had the match won down the stretch after he went for Starship Pain on Ivar, but the big man rolled out of the way. Riddle then stole a drip stick from The Miz and sprayed Omos.

This allowed WWE to continue booking Omos as a neanderthal as he immediately turned his attention to Miz and attacked John Morrison after Johnny Drip Drip defended his friend. AJ Styles then bailed on the match to prevent Omos from annihilating Miz, which left Morrison alone in the ring to take the Viking Experience from The Viking Raiders for the 1-2-3. 

Jaxson Ryker def. Elias – Symphony Of Destruction Match 

Following the opening match, we had a live performance from Elias and the "Walk With Elias" chant was as over as ever. The Drifter was promptly interrupted by Jaxson Ryker, though, who seemed to misunderstand the cheers as he claimed people were sick and tired of hearing Elias introduce himself. The former Forgotten Son then promised to end Elias' introduction for good before he made his way to the ring for their Symphony of Destruction Match.

Both men proceeded to batter each other around the ring for 12 minutes with various musical instruments, including a keyboard, a guitar, drums, a gong, a grand piano and a cello. The crowd eventually started chanting "We want tables" and Jaxson Ryker duly obliged, sending a busted open Elias through a pile of tables with a Superplex for the victory. 

Next on the show was a backstage segment involving WWE officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville with Mansoor and Ali. Deville revealed she and Pearce had granted Mansoor's request for him to team with Ali next week. The former SmackDown Hacker was displeased by this development but he agreed to team with Mansoor for one week only. 

Sheamus then appeared and told Mansoor to jog on before he complained about having to face Humberto Carrillo again despite beating him last week. Deville reminded Sheamus of his pre-match attack, though, and stated Carrillo deserved a fair shot at the title. Sheamus didn't seem to mind too much and he promised to smash Humberto's face in. 

Charlotte Flair's Championship Celebration

Charlotte Flair headed to the ring next for her championship celebration and proclaimed herself as The Opportunity once again. The crowd quickly started chanting for Becky Lynch but Flair shut them down by reminding them The Man is at home breastfeeding while she is dominating the women's division. 

Flair then ran down her accolades as an 11-time women's champion, having forgotten about her two NXT Women's Title reigns and a Women's Tag Team Title reign. Flair then claimed she could defeat Rhea Ripley any day of the week which led to an interruption from The Nightmare. 

Ripley wasted no time in challenging Flair to a rematch as the crowd in Dallas chanted for the 24-year-old. This was promptly rejected by Flair but the match was booked for tonight's show by Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Flair then ended the segment by kicking out Ripley's already injured knee.

Natalya & Tamina def. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina were in action against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler next on the show, with the match already underway after a break. 

The champions picked up the win after three minutes following more Reginald shenanigans as the former sommelier prevented Tamina from hitting the Superfly Splash on Baszler. This prompted Natalya to run around the ring and shout at Reggie, only for The Queen Of Spades to kick her through the ropes. The move proved to be Baszler's downfall, though, as Tamina caught Shayna with a Superkick for the victory. 

Reginald's life then briefly crumbled after the match as Nia Jax appeared to comfort Reggie but she soon Headbutted him and the former Women's Tag Team Champions abandoned the former sommelier. 

It wasn't all bad for Reginald, though, as Akira Tozawa was chased straight into Reggie's clutches and he pinned the 24/7 Champion with a Spinning Senton to capture the title. 

Sheamus def. Humberto Carrillo

The 24/7 Title change was followed by Sheamus' previously announced match against Humberto Carrillo as Damian Priest watched on backstage. 

The two competitors had their best match to date and Sheamus picked up the win after 10 minutes following a Headbutt with the face mask and a Brogue Kick. 

Bobby Lashley's Open Challenge 

Bobby Lashley's open challenge was next on the show and the WWE Champion cut a promo with MVP to begin the segment. 

Lashley and MVP maintained their new serious expressions and Porter admitted Lashley did lose his edge because of women and the good life and the former IWGP Intercontinental Champion apologised to Bobby. 

Kofi's words lit an inferno inside of Lashley, though, MVP claimed and Porter said anyone who stepped in the ring with The All Mighty would face utter annihilation. 

They then awaited the arrival of Lashley's opponent and the returning Keith Lee headed to the ring as the American Airlines Arena erupted. 

Bobby Lashley def. Keith Lee 

The former NXT Champion managed to get in some offence in the early going, using his unique combination of power and agility to dominate Lashley. Lee then went for the Spirit Bomb but The All Mighty escaped and followed up with a Flatliner. 

Lashley wouldn't relinquish control of the match as MVP cut off a brief recovery from Lee with a distraction and the WWE Champion took advantage with a Spear on the outside. 

The All Mighty then tried to apply the Hurt Lock, but he couldn't get his arms around Lee's massive frame. That didn't matter to Lashley, though, as he decked The Limitless One with another Spear for the victory. A disappointing return for the former NXT Champion. 

Similar to Keith Lee's last match against a WWE Champion, he quickly exited the ring so Goldberg could make his return to WWE TV. The WWE Hall Of Famer screamed that Lashley was next to bring the segment to an end. 

After a break, Kevin Patrick caught up with Lashley and MVP. Porter refused to dignify Goldberg's disrespect with a response. 

Jinder Mahal celebrates his birthday

The broadcast then headed back to the ring for a promo from Jinder Mahal, flanked by Shanky and Veer. The former WWE Champion recapped recent events and celebrated his birthday which led to singing from Shanky. He was about as good as Kiss Cam Great Khali. 

Drew McIntyre then saved everyone's ears as he decked Mahal and Veer with steel chair shots from behind before he battered Shanky. 

Drew destroyed one chair with his ferocious beating of Shanky, so he collected another one and decked his fallen enemy with 20 more shots as the giant bled from the back of his head. 

Jeff Hardy def. Karrion Kross 

NXT Champion Karrion Kross made his WWE Raw debut next on the show, without Scarlett. The crowd also went wild as Jeff Hardy, as promised, made his way to the ring to 'No More Words.' 

While Kross has gone undefeated in singles action on the black and gold brand, he was allowed no such dominance on Raw as Jeff Hardy rolled him up and placed his feet on the ropes for the assisted pinfall after 100 seconds. 

The company tried to keep Kross looking slightly strong, though, as he promised Jeff Hardy just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Alexa's Playground

Emo Alexa was promptly interrupted by Eva Marie and Doudrop during the next segment. Marie threatened to get Doudrop to throw Lilly in the bin and Bliss noted Marie could do nothing on her own. 

Marie then went to walk away but she suddenly fell to the floor, seemingly courtesy of shenanigans from Lilly. 

Rhea Ripley def. Charlotte Flair by Disqualification – Raw Women's Championship

It was then time for the scheduled main event as Charlotte Flair defended the Raw Women's Championship against former champion Rhea Ripley. 

Flair and Ripley displayed their excellent chemistry inside the squared circle once again and put together a very good 12-minute match that played up Ripley's injured knee. 

Ripley managed to fight through the pain and she looked to have the match won late on as she decked Flair with a Riptide. The feed suddenly cut out, though, so it appears Flair kicked out. When the broadcast returned, Ripley was unconscious on the outside following a title shot to the face from Flair.

Flair briefly celebrated after the match but an angry Rhea Ripley decked the champion from behind and floored her with a Riptide on the outside just as Nikki A.S.H's music played. Nikki charged to the ring and cashed in the Money In The Bank contract. 

Nikki A.S.H def. Charlotte Flair – Raw Women's Championship 

Nikki decked Flair with a Crossbody and pinned the Raw Women's Champion for the victory as the Dallas crowd went bananas. 

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