WWE Raw Results - July 5, 2021

The build to Money In The Bank continues

The July 5 edition of Monday Night Raw was very much a mixed bag. The show featured some decent in-ring action but the episode was weighed down by poor finishes, mind-boggling booking and filler matches. Check out what happened below:

Miz TV 

Raw opened up with a special Money In The Bank edition of Miz TV with the Men's Ladder Match participants. 

Miz began the segment by proclaiming John Morrison would win the briefcase on July 18 and history enthusiast Drew McIntyre came to the ring to join them soon after. Drew cut a promo about the Alamo and claimed he was a distant relative of Davy Crockett before he promised to shove Johnny Drip-Drip's head up Miz's ass if The A-Lister interfered at the pay-per-view.

After that, Ricochet headed to the ring and he was soon followed by Riddle. The Original Bro climbed the ladder in the centre of the ring as he thought this was what everyone was supposed to do, calling back to 2018. Riddle then talked about how "high" he was and he dedicated his future Money In The Bank win to Randy Orton. 

AJ Styles then interrupted next and The Phenomenal One claimed he was robbed of a Money In The Bank spot last week by Riddle's involvement in the Triple Threat. The RK-Bro man offered a high-five to Omos following a brief back and forth with AJ and the Raw Tag Team Champion instead tipped Riddle from the ladder, further injuring the former UFC fighter's ankle. 

AJ Styles then made the situation worse and decked the ankle with a PK before Ricochet and John Morrison started brawling ahead of their match. Drew McIntyre also caught Omos with a Clothesline over the top rope, enraging the big man. 

John Morrison def. Ricochet by Count-Out

Both John Morrison and Ricochet displayed very good in-ring chemistry in the first match of the night. 

The match featured a standing Spanish Fly as one of the high points and The Miz later interfered by spraying Ricochet with a drip stick. Morrison only managed to score a near fall, though. 

Both men continued to brawl and Ricochet went for a Crossbody over the top rope while Morrison was stood on the apron. This led to both competitors crashing and burning and Morrison picked up the win by count-out after Miz blocked Ricochet from entering the ring with his wheelchair. 

Following this, the broadcast cut backstage to show Jinder Mahal arriving at the ThunderDome on a red motorcycle. It was announced earlier that Mahal would be facing Drew McIntyre on tonight's show and Jinder revealed he actually purchased the bike with Drew to celebrate one of The Modern Day Maharaja's successful WWE Title defences. Jinder actually asked McIntyre to go riding with him recently but Drew took three days to respond and told him he was too busy. As a result, Mahal promised to prove he has always been better than his former 3MB teammate. 

A backstage segment then caught up with Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax and Reginald. The former sommelier claimed Alexa Bliss was watching them from the shadows, which led to a lambasting from Baszler. Of course, Reginald was speaking the truth and Bliss was creeping on them. 

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Doudrop & Eva Marie def. Nikki A.S.H, Naomi, Asuka and Alexa Bliss

An eight-woman tag team match was next on the show featuring some of the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match competitors and their rivals. 

Doudrop was supposed to start the match for her team, but Eva Marie entered the match instead. Naomi quickly overpowered the former All Red Everything, though, and Marie scurried to tag in Doudrop. The former NXT UK Superstar was knocked from the apron and everybody ended up being taken out by Dives except for Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss. Marie launched herself to the outside, though, after Bliss roared at her. 

Back from the break, the heel team worked over Asuka after Nia Jax and Doudrop Sandwiched The Empress Of Tomorrow. Jax and co. continued to hammer away at Asuka for several minutes and Bliss tried to get her team back into the match by hypnotising Reginald. Shayna Baszler spotted what was going on, though, and slammed Bliss into the barricade, breaking the spell in the process. 

Asuka managed to eventually make the tag to Naomi and both teams exchanged moves until Nikki A.S.H caught Baszler with a Magistral Cradle. Baszler wasn't the legal woman, however, and Nia Jax hoisted the Almost A Superhero up and decked her with a Samoan Drop for the 1-2-3. 

Jax and Baszler briefly celebrated, only to be enraged after Eva Marie proclaimed herself the sole winner as Doudrop looked on embarrassed. 

Kevin Patrick caught up with The Hurt Business and Lashley's ladies next and he asked MVP why they changed Xavier Woods' singles match with the WWE Champion to a tag team match. MVP claimed it was because Xavier Woods didn't deserve to be in the ring with Lashley. Also, because Kofi "disrespected" MVP and Lashley last week. 

Mustafa Ali def. Mansoor

Mustafa Ali continued to mentor Mansoor in the next match on the show. Mansoor was initially calm but he was soon incredibly angry and took out his rage on Ali. 

Mansoor caught Ali with an Enziguiri at one point, which caused Ali to get his leg tangled up in the ropes. The referee and Mansoor managed to free Ali while he screamed in pain, but the former SmackDown Hacker proved it was all a ruse and he rolled up Mansoor for the 1-2-3. 

Ali then shouted at a disappointed Mansoor that the high road would only take him so far. 

Sarah Schreiber caught up with Drew McIntyre next. Drew said he had an opinion about Jinder's text message story and he was glad someone in the locker room was willing to step up and face him. He then put on his mythological hat and claimed his claymore sword came from a warrior who fought the Loch Ness Monster.

Drew McIntyre def. Jinder Mahal by Disqualification

Drew was in action next against Jinder Mahal and the two former friends put on a solid 10-minute match.

Jinder controlled much of the action following the commercial break before Drew eventually fought back with a Glasgow Kiss. The Scottish Warrior followed up with some Clotheslines, Belly To Belly Suplexes and a Swinging Neckbreaker before he did a 3MB pose. McIntyre then went for the Futureshock DDT but Jinder ducked it and went for the Khallas. Drew managed to block that, though, and he connected with the Futureshock DDT at the second time of asking. 

The two-time WWE Champion then set up for the Claymore but Veer and Shanky attacked McIntyre to draw the disqualification. The beat down continued after the official called for the bell and the Indian faction left Drew lying following a Khallas from Jinder. Mahal didn't just head backstage, though, and he stole McIntyre's sword before fleeing.

Lucha House Party def. Mace & T-Bar

A match in the tag team division was up next. Mace and T-Bar had defeated Lucha House Party three times already since the end of May but Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado picked up the win this week. 

The former RETRIBUTION men dominated the short match until Gran Metalik wiped out Mace with a dive to the floor. This left T-Bar alone and Lince Dorado caught him with a Hurricanrana into a pin for the victory. 

Damian Priest caught up with Riddle backstage next on the show to continue their budding friendship. There were no Burger King trips this week, though.

Riddle def. AJ Styles

The Original Bro was in action next against AJ Styles and the match centred around The Phenomenal One working over Riddle's injured ankle. 

Riddle managed to fight back at points, but all of his offence was hobbled by the ankle. He did manage to hit Randy Orton's patented Draping DDT and he went for the Floating Bro. Styles managed to roll out of the way, though, and Riddle landed awkwardly on his ankle which allowed AJ to connect with a Rack Bomb for a near fall. 

Styles then set up for the Styles Clash but The Viking Raiders suddenly surrounded Omos. AJ immediately warned his tag team partner and Riddle took advantage with a Roll Up for the 1-2-3. 

Charlotte Flair's Medical Update

Charlotte Flair headed to the ring on a crutch for the next segment. 

Flair claimed Rhea Ripley was learning well because the Raw Women's Champion knows The Queen is better than her. This brought out Ripley with her own crutch to mock Flair. 

Ripley called Charlotte a drama queen and they both kicked out each other's crutches, proving they were both, of course, fine. The Money In The Bank opponents then tried to deck each other with the crutches and Flair fled after Ripley briefly gained the upper hand. 

Jaxson Ryker & R-Truth def. Cedric Alexander & Elias 

A thrown together tag team match was next on the show, even though Jaxson Ryker and Elias' feud appeared to end last week. 

Ryker thought he had a tag team partner but R-Truth fled before the bell following a 24/7 Title chasing skit. 

Cedric Alexander thought he would pick up an easy win but Ryker quickly put him down with a Big Boss Slam. Elias then ran away before Alexander could make the tag and Ryker decked Cedric with another Big Boss Slam for the victory. 

Jaxson Ryker's push continues. 

The New Day def. The Hurt Business

The main event followed and The New Day and The Hurt Business had a good match which put over Kofi and Woods as gutsy babyfaces while also showcasing Lashley's power. 

Both teams fought back and forth throughout the contest and Kingston caught Lashley with Trouble In Paradise before Woods followed up with a Dive from the steel steps to put The All Mighty out of commission. 

Back in the ring, MVP set up for Playmaker but Kingston escaped and decked the former IWGP Intercontinental Champion with Trouble In Paradise for the win. 

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