WWE Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch On Ronda Rousey: "Leave Her At Home"

"The Man" dismisses her rival...

Raw Women's champion Becky Lynch recently took part in an interview with Vicente Beltran of ViBe and Wrestling, in which she discussed the general women's wrestling scene throughout WWE's brands.

Talk shifted to Lynch's rival Ronda Rousey, with whom she shared the main event stage at WrestleMania 35 last year in East Rutherford. The match was Rousey's most recent, as she disappeared from the company soon after.

Despite the historical implications of that match, and the buzz created by her and Rousey's back-and-forths on TV and social media, Lynch is apparently in no hurry to see Rousey back.

"Leave her at home," Lynch said. "I have talked a long time that all these MMA heads that want to come into WWE because they think it's an easy meal ticket but not put in the work and hours and hours we do when it comes to travel and the grind and obsessing about this and making sure the crowd appreciates everything we do. 

"She doesn't want to put in that work. Just remember that I'll be getting better and better every time while she's at home playing with her Twitch or whatever."

(Credit to WrestlingInc for transcription)

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