Report: Leaking WWE WrestleMania 36 Spoilers Deemed A Fireable Offense

WWE doing what it can to prevent leaks...

WWE has done what it could throughout the years to try and prevent leaks to newsletters, dirtsheets, and other outlets by its wrestlers and staff (usually to little avail). But with WrestleMania 36 recorded more than a week in advance, the company has gone to greater lengths to prevent spoilers.

A report from Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated claims that WWE deems leaking event spoilers to be a fireable offense.

Barrasso wrote regarding the small number of key personnel on hand, "Along with (Vince) McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard, there are only a finite number of people present for each filming session. The majority of the agents are not present for the matches. The agents that are local to Florida include Adam Pearce, “Road Dogg” Jesse James, Jamie Noble, and Shawn Michaels — and they are the unlikeliest of candidates to leak match results. Lead broadcaster Michael Cole gets no benefit from leaking results, nor do any of the other members of the broadcast team."

Barrasso's report also indicates that WWE's days upon days of tapings at WWE's Performance Center have included overnight recordings that took place from 11 pm to 5 am the next morning.

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