WWE Released Cameron Grimes 5 Days After A High-Level Executive Said He Would Always Have A Job There

Cameron Grimes had suspected he might be cut loose sooner than later.

The now former WWE star Cameron Grimes has opened up about his exit from the company. 

The 30-year-old's five-year WWE run came to an end earlier this week when he was given his release. This was reportedly unexpected by many backstage, for a variety of reasons. 

It was also unexpected by the man himself since, according to him, he was recently assured that his job was safe. Speaking about his departure during an appearance on Busted Open Radio, the former NXT North American Champion said: 

"Literally the last time I was at TV, I had a pretty high executive tell me - because, you know, I was worried. Starting this stock market gimmick, it made me see businesses in a different light, you know what I mean? Following these companies and playing with stocks, I would see things in a different light. 

"So I knew that I haven't worked in over a year and I'm making a decent salary. So I knew that if someone was to look at the books, I'm going to be the first person that's going to be cut. If you're looking at it strictly as money-wise. But if you're looking at it as like, 'Ok, well if this is a talent that can do something for us.' You know what I mean, they're going to keep me.

"So I was told by a high executive last week on Friday that I would always have a job here. I would never have to worry about losing my job here, after expressing my concerns like that to him. And then five days later, they called me and told me that I do lose the job. So I don't know". 

Grimes, who previously wrestled for TNA and on the independent circuit as Trevor Lee, mentioned during the interview that he would joke with others backstage about being the next person to be released. 

Elsewhere, he expressed a desire to wrestle in Japan. 

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