WWE Reportedly Considering Course Of Action For Unreleased Documentary Specials

Could we finally see the unseen documentaries?

WWE's combined TV and Digital Division have reportedly begun considering their course of action for the unreleased documentary specials that have been advertised but are yet to air. 

WWE have previously plugged documentaries such as the Lex Luger Icons episode and 'Superfan: The Story Of Vladimir', which was first announced the weekend of WrestleMania 37, with reports indicating that the promotion had no plans to release them despite the episodes being finished and ready to view.

WWE have begun advertising for a number of positions within their WWE TV and Digital Division in the past week as they seek employees to begin work in that area of the company again. All work in that part of the promotion was halted during the summer amid major changes to staffing. 

According to PWInsider, WWE's new hirings in the combined divsion will be ramped up under its new leadership in 2022, with the team tasked with looking over all of the uncompleted projects - existing and brand new - and developing a strategy for them going forward.

With that in mind, it is plausible WWE could release these previously advertised documentaries in the new year, having left them untouched for a number of months. 

As previously noted, WWE had previously pushed to sell the rights to certain projects to external broadcast partners such as A&E, but there has been no word of any movement on that front.

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