Eddie Kingston: My AEW Rivalry With CM Punk Was Reality

“Punk don’t like me, I don’t like Punk. That’s it. That’s the end of it.”

Eddie Kingston and CM Punk’s showdown ahead of their match at Full Gear 2021 was one of the promo exchanges of the year, with the two pulling no punches in their assessment of one another ahead of their first ever match together.

But according to Kingston, the rivalry was reality, telling NY News 12 Long Island that there is no love lost between himself and Punk:

“The thing with Punk, I guess you could say the ‘promo’, it wasn’t a promo. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him,” started Kingston. “And we’ve had a lot of things to say to each other that we’ve never had the chance to say to each other. We’ve either said it to friends, mutual friends of each other, or we just decided to ignore each other or whatever. There’s a lot of other things, I’m not going to get too ‘Inside Baseball’ on it, there’s a lot of stuff that went on behind the scenes that nobody really needs to know. But yeah, that wasn’t a promo. That was something we’ve both wanted to say to each other for fifteen years. That was fifteen years of buildup for both of us. So then you think ‘how do you follow that up with a match?’ It wasn’t a match, we actually fought. I hit him, he hit me, you know what I mean? When it was over, we didn’t shake each other’s hands after the match like people do. We didn’t go on Twitter and say how great and lucky we were to face each other. Punk don’t like me, I don’t like Punk. That’s it. That’s the end of it. There’s no promo, there’s no ‘this is made up’, this is reality and that’s it. When we have to get into the ring, we’ll be professional, but you know for a fact we’re going to take a lot of shots at each other. If the fans enjoy it, they enjoy it. At that point, with someone like him who I don’t like, I don’t care if people like it or not at that point. It could’ve been zero people in the audience, I was going to hit him.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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