WWE Reportedly Considering Implementing 60 Day Trial Contracts

WWE have recently changed their focus with regards to new hires

Although WWE like to say that ‘budget cuts’ are the main reason behind talent releases, such as the ones yesterday, the reality is that these cuts still cost WWE a lot of money, through severance packages and the like.

Now a report from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer suggests that WWE may be looking at changing their hiring policy, and implementing 60-day trial contracts for some wrestlers:

“There is also talk that of those being signed by WWE starting in the new year, that they will, except the top prospects, be signed to 60-day trial contracts to see the rate they improve at. If they don’t show improvement, they won’t be signed to full-time deals,” said Meltzer.

From a business standpoint this makes a lot of sense, as it would save WWE a lot of hassle and bad P.R. when it comes to releases, and would allow independent talent to keep their options open in case things didn’t pan out with WWE.

But at the same time, 60 days doesn’t seem very long for talent to show who they are, what they can do, and how they are improving. It remains to be seen if WWE will indeed implement such a strategy.

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