WWE’s Bobby Lashley Didn't Raise Issues Over Hurt Business Split

“Ultimately, we have to make sure our career is great before trying to do anybody else’s stuff”

When WWE split The Hurt Business earlier in 2021 it caused some manner of outcry amongst WWE fans.

The group - Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander - were one of the featured attractions of RAW and seemingly had a lot of gas left in the tank, but Hurt Business figurehead Bobby Lashley didn’t raise any issues over the group’s demise, telling The Metro:

“I’m comfortable with staying in my lane. In the wrestling business, I think too many people start worrying about so many other things and then they don’t focus on their career. Ultimately, we have to make sure our career is great before trying to do anybody else’s stuff."

Lashley and MVP are still a unit on WWE TV, but Lashley was full of praise for former partners Alexander and Benjamin:

"They’re just a great talent, both of those guys are just amazing,” said Lashley “That was the thing that the Hurt Business was, it was what MVP was doing with everybody. Before, those guys were guys that everybody knew they had that it factor, they had what it took to become great – they just didn’t have the opportunity to show their greatness. Then with MVP around and the Hurt Business, everybody loved it because they were like, Wow, these guys deserve the spotlight, these guys have the spotlight and when they got the spotlight, they ran with it.' Those guys have the opportunity to do it again, and we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. There’s always room for great talent like that."

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