WWE's Bobby Lashley: "I Am In My Final Run”

The All-Mighty wants to fight Brock Lesnar before hanging it up

Bobby Lashley has claimed he is in ‘his final run’, but wants his dream match with Brock Lesnar before calling time on his pro-wrestling career.

Lashley dropped the revelation during a conversation with Josh Martinez, saying the following about why a potential match with The Beast Incarnate has yet to materialise:

“Because the people around him don’t want to make it happen,” Lashley claimed. “I’m always prepared. I am in my final run, I have a few years left, but I am open for anything. I train, I’m always in shape, I’m always ready to go. So, it’s never something where you have to call me up and you have to wait months and weeks, I am ready to go right now.”

Lashley turned 45 in July 2021, but still looks to be in phenomenal shape, with his most recent WWE run being arguably the most successful in his career.

A relative latecomer to professional wrestling, Lashley started with WWE in 2005, winning the ECW and US Titles, before jumping over to MMA, where he has a 15-2 record. After returning to pro wrestling with TNA/IMPACT, Lashley went on an unprecedented run, winning every singles title in IMPACT before returning to WWE in 2018.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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