WWE’s Damian Priest Talks Razor Ramon’s Influence

The Archer of Infamy is a big fan of The Bad Guy

It’s no secret that WWE’s Damian Priest is a fan of Scott Hall. From Priest’s bravado, to the way he holds himself, to the use of the Razor’s Edge, it’s an influence that Priest proudly displays. Now, as seen in the WWE Chronicle special on him, Priest has gone into detail about his love for Hall’s work.

“Anybody who knows anything about me knows that one of my favourite parts of being Damian Priest is my swag, like the way I carry myself, the way I get to act,” Priest said. “The way I get to just be cool and I love giving that to people so they can feed off of it, just like I fed off of Scott Hall. Whether he was Razor Ramon, or Scott Hall, the guy oozes machismo. It was always something I was a huge fan of. Whenever that guy was on the screen, I was glued. You know, from his walk, to his in-ring attitude, then the smirk and the smooth, chill vibe.

“Come full circle, it’s actually cool that my time that I spent in NXT, I was able to talk to him and kind of pick his brain. Also, ask him if it’d be cool to do a few things. One was, ‘Could I throw a tribute in some of my gear?’ [Priest shows off a vest] As you can see here, it is one of my favourite vests. I got the drips and I got my slogan, ‘live forever,’ but in The Outsiders font. Of course, I was nervous when I asked Scott just permission for anything, whether it was some mannerisms or gear, or even moves. As most people know, I use a Razor’s Edge in my repertoire, which he was also cool enough to bless me with it.

“The one thing that was cool, I was like, ‘Hey, so, your walk.’ And he was like, ‘The surfer walk?’ I didn’t even know it had a name.  That’s so cool! I remember asking him why he did it, and he was like, ‘Originally, it’s because I don’t want people to touch me. I would walk in between them and make sure they couldn’t reach me.’ For me, I use a little bit of a different variation of it, so it’s the same idea of that cool swag while you’re moving, but for me it’s not about not wanting people to touch me, if anything, I want all of their energy, so I open up a little bit more.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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