WWE's JBL: I Probably Should Have Never Unretired

He wanted to stay in the ring, though

John Bradshaw Layfield's in-ring career looked to be over in 2006 following a serious back injury and The Wrestling God retired in May after losing a World Heavyweight Title rematch to Rey Mysterio. 

Layfield would spend the next 18 months as a commentator but he would ultimately return to the ring in January 2008 before finally retiring for good just over one year later at WrestleMania 25. 

JBL reflected on his stint on commentary on and the former WWE Champion admitted he probably should have stayed retired. 

"I had to retire because of my back. When I lost to Rey Mysterio the first time in whatever match it was, I think it was an 'I Quit' match or whatever it was, that was because my back had gotten bad really quick all of a sudden, and they told me I needed to get out of the ring," JBL said.

"I got out of the ring and I had the opportunity to do commentary. I really enjoyed it, but I really wanted to get back in the ring because I didn't want to leave the ring. I was really enjoying what I was doing. My back, I thought it had gotten better after whatever period it was. It wasn't that long. That's why I took the opportunity to get back in the ring. I probably should have never done it. I probably should have just stayed retired. But that's why I got off the commentary desk was because of the fact that I thought I could get back in the ring. My heart was always in wrestling. I would have wrestled to this day if I could have, but my body gave out on me."

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