WWE's Randy Orton Reveals His Body Is "Starting To Feel It" After Years Of Using The RKO

Orton has punched his ‘bump card’ many times

Wrestlers often talk about ‘the bump card’ - the notion that there’s only so many back bumps one can take in their career before it starts affecting them - and one wrestler who is starting to feel the resultof years of bumps is Randy Orton.

Orton’s greatest weapon in his arsenal is the RKO, but as revealed to Fox 2 Now in St. Louis, years of delivering the move is starting to take its toll:

“I kind of wish I could go back in time and create a finishing move that didn't entail me jumping up as high as I can and landing on my back. After doing that a couple of thousand times over the last few decades, I'm starting to feel it,” said Orton.

Orton has been using the RKO for the best part of 20 years, after initially using the O-Zone and diving crossbody as his finishers during his rookie year in WWE. A variation of DDP’s Diamond Cutter (itself a variation of Johnny Ace’s Ace Crusher) the RKO has become a pop-culture phenomenon, such is Orton’s propensity for hitting it ‘out of nowhere’.

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