Grayson Waller Jokes About WALTER's WWE Name Change

WALTER was just too close to Waller

WWE NXT Superstar Grayson Waller has joked about the possible reason for WALTER's recent name change to Gunther, noting Der Ring General's moniker was just too close to 'Waller' and, therefore, had to be altered. 

"Just so everyone knows, Walter was just too close to Waller, so I spoke to my lawyers, and they are GOOD at what they do. You're welcome," Waller tweeted

While Waller may see the funny side of WALTER's recent name change in WWE, many have reacted angrily to the former NXT United Kingdom Champion now going by Gunther, particularly as the change came only days after the company filed to trademark 'Gunther Stark'. 

A quick google search showed Stark was an officer who served in the navy of Nazi Germany during World War 2 and operated a German U-boat in the English Channel until his passing in 1944. 

WWE have previously altered Superstars' names to 'avoid confusion', with one recent case being Alex Zayne who revealed he couldn't use that name during his stint with the company as it was too close to Zayda Ramier, who had recently debuted in NXT.

While fans may not like WALTER's name change, though, WWE have since made it official on their website.

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