WWE's Rhea Ripley On Charlotte Flair: "She's My Number One Nemesis"

Destined to feud forever

Rhea Ripley sees Charlotte Flair as her "number one nemesis" and The Nightmare believes they will face off in the future, even though they will be on different brands soon as a result of the WWE Draft. 

Ripley and Flair have been foes since Charlotte defeated the 24-year-old for the NXT Women's Championship at WrestleMania 36. They would be separated for much of the next year, but Flair rekindled their feud following WrestleMania 37 after Ripley defeated Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship.

Since then, Ripley and Flair have continued to compete in widely-praised singles matches against each other, but Rhea has yet to score a pinfall or submission win over The Queen and Charlotte even captured the Raw Women's Championship from her at Money In The Bank.

They would ultimately continue to feud until SummerSlam, with the inclusion of Nikki A.S.H to the rivalry, but they will soon be separated once the results of the WWE Draft come into effect on October 22.

Despite this, Ripley believes Flair will remain her number one foe because "it never really ends with Charlotte."

"Yeah, there's definitely unfinished business [with Flair]. Right now, I'm living my best life in a tag team with Nikki A.S.H, but I know that it will definitely go back to me and Charlotte at some stage," Ripley told the Battleground Podcast.

"I feel like we're going to be feuding for the rest of our careers at this point because she's my number one nemesis and it never really ends with Charlotte. I still have to get my one-up on her. So yeah, I'm fighting for it."

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