WWE's The Miz Thinks Hannibal Should Be Banned From Ever Wrestling Again

No place for that in the industry

WWE Superstar The Miz believes Devon Nicholson, aka Hannibal of Hannibal TV, should be banned from ever wrestling again after he repeatedly stabbed referee Lando Deltoro with an iron spike which left Deltoro with a torn artery. 

"You don't do that stuff. That didn't look like a mistake. Accidents happen, but I don't get stabbed with like a knife or whatever the hell the guy had," Miz told TMZ.

The two-time WWE Champion is just the latest name that has called for Nicholson to be banned from the business.

As previously noted, Hannibal, who performs as The Blood Hunter, repeatedly stabbed referee Lando Deltoro with a spike during a post-match attack gone wrong at World Class Pro Wrestling's 'Christmas Star Wars' show on Saturday, December 11. Deltoro had to have his head shaved due to a torn artery and he required several staples after surgery. 

In a video following the incident, Hannibal claimed his mask was "not the easiest to see out of" and he thought the bottom of his hand was protecting Deltoro's forehead from the spike. Nicholson also claimed he would have stopped the attack if the referee had said he was stiffing him.

Deltoro has since responded to Nicholson's last claim, tweeting: "I had heard that I could have said 'stop' at anytime. I just wanted to say that's it's very hard to talk when there is a 300lbs man's knee on your back and then being put in a choke hold while being stabbed repeatedly in the head with an iron spike, passed out shortly after."

Another referee at the event Colby Cowperthwaite alleged that Hannibal was "messed up" prior to his match with Carlito and a source also told Fightful that Nicholson had a beer in his hand two hours before the match and "smelled like booze" later in the evening. Nicholson did not comment on if he had consumed alcohol.

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