WWE SmackDown To Remain Live Upon Moving To FOX

SmackDown Live to stay true to its name.

According to The Wrap, SmackDown will still be broadcast live after its move to FOX in 2019. The show is set to switch from Tuesday to Friday nights, prompting discussion about whether it would remain a live show (as it has been since 2016).

The Wire's article explains:

WWE often books house shows on Friday nights, which are not televised. [...] The logistics were the real question for the previously pre-taped series. What remains to be seen now is if WWE will try to book house shows on Tuesdays to offset any revenue losses from eliminating a key night for live attendance.'

WWE have secured two very favourable TV deals in recent weeks, according to various news outlets. Both SmackDown's move and RAW's renewed deal on USA are said to set the company in very good stead.

FOX themselves have stated that they will treat SmackDown (and the idea of sports entertainment) seriously, with cross-promotion on sports shows, and rumours of a weekly talk show - potentially signalling the return of the much-loved Talking Smack series with Renee Young.

In last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote extensively about the potential consequences of the deal, and how WWE might use their new financial boost. He even spoke about the potential power this would give WWE Superstars in terms of unionising, given that they are now essentially the stars of highly-lucrative TV shows (although he also doubted that it would happen).

As mentioned, although the deal is done, the switch won't be made until the autumn of 2019.

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