WWE Still Owns The ‘Eddie Guerrero’ Name

The Hall of Famer died in 2005

While speaking on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast recently, Shaul Guerrero revealed that WWE still owns the rights to her father Eddie Guerrero’s name, over 15 years after his death.

“Dad, his real name was used, ‘Eddie Guerrero’ is his legit name. And WWE, to this day, still own the rights to his name. So we don’t have a say in anything.” Guerrero said.

“Yeah, so make sure if you’re a young wrestler and you’re going to sign a contract, make sure you own the rights to your name.

“That’s just some good, good advice. Any lawyer will tell you that. Make sure you own the rights to a character you come up with or your own likeness.”

Longtime WWE fans will be aware of the company’s attitudes towards naming rights, with most new recruits now given new names so WWE can retain the rights. Notable exceptions to this rule are CM Punk, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles.

Shaul Guerrero herself performed in NXT under the name Raquel Diaz for several years, and recently announced she was stepping back from the business due to a ‘mental health crisis’.

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