WWE Told 2point0 NXT Was "Moving In A Different Direction" When They Were Released

The former Ever-Rise are now All Elite

Ever-Rise were getting over and becoming cult heroes during their stay in WWE NXT, but when they were released from their contracts they were told the brand was ‘moving in a new direction’.

Speaking on Talk is Jericho, Matt Lee and Jeff Parker were talking about how they were growing their brand on NXT before they got their marching orders:

“They move the show [THE SHOW RULES/Ever-Rise Live] over to WWE’s YouTube channel,” Parker recalled. “We’re like, oh, that’s a huge step, hundreds of 1000s of views. Since the month of October, we were on TV, whether 205 or NXT, every single week. We’re doing segments all the time, and now crowds are coming back in.

“We’re starting to feel that pocket of oh, they’re starting to get what we’re doing here, because at first you’re just out. ‘They’re jobbers,’ which is kind of what you want, but then eventually, it’s ‘yeah, they’re jobbers, but I kind of low key like these guys,’ and then that grows. Now we’re starting to talk ideas of okay, we’re going here.”

Lee and Parker then confirmed the recent rumours that NXT were now focusing on signing specific types of talent:

“We had plans moving forward,” Lee added. “Then they pulled the rug under us. I think it’s budget cuts, A, and we were told they were moving in a different direction, whatever that means,” Parker said. “Youth and big. I think it’s back to the the six foot, former athletes, and if that’s what it is, well, I can understand why some people don’t fit that bill.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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